The modern apartment of a footballer in Ukraine

Contemporary apartment dotted with color accents

Have you ever wondered what a footballer's apartment looks like? Well, here we are, today we lift the veil on the mystery. Here' modern apartment of a footballer whose unfortunately, we do not know the name.

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Although the mystery is only half solved, it does not prevent us from feasting on this eclectic and luxurious interior.

a footballer's modern apartment exudes sophistication

modern apartment with eclectic decor

Drawn by the Ukrainian studio Arsidea , the apartment is located in Lviv Ukraine and put on open spaces. Indeed, the architects recognize their desire to eliminate as many partitions as possible to create a large space that breathes. The result is interesting: we appreciate the spacious living room and adjacent to the kitchen. Between the two stands a beautiful dining table with design chairs some of which have been decorated with football jerseys. Football is also present in the beautiful paintings hanging on the wall in the entrance hall, and lit up as it should be.

a touch of humor in the decoration of the table chairs

dining table with chairs adorned soccer jerseys

In the bedroom too, partitions are scarce. A single partition divides the bedroom of the bathroom and it is half transparent. The bathroom, on the other hand, breathes modernity and is decorated in a rather minimalist style. She enjoys a freestanding bath as well as a glass-walled shower cabin. Of course, since the modern apartment belongs to a footballer, it was necessary to provide a good source of diffusion. The living room is marked by a huge hidden plasma screen that slides in place. Contemporary and trendy, this apartment fully meets our expectations!

living room furnished with eclectic furniture

relaxation area with contemporary furniture

a huge flat screen for watching football matches

large living room with flat screen and home cinema projector

the bedroom is dotted with golden accents in the lamps and carpet

open space bedroom with designer lamps

the bathroom stands behind a half-transparent partition

Ultra-modern shower cabin with glass walls

shower cabin walls in glass and bathtub

tiling and partition play on the honeycomb pattern

contemporary bath-tub

modern apartment with ceiling rail lighting

beautiful decor gray and golden shades

modern apartment with ceiling track lighting

contemporary decor gold accents

bedroom with round bed and frizzy golden carpet

Stylish Chic Styling Revolving Leather Chair

sophisticated bedroom with dais

minimalist bathroom open to the bedroom

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