The modern design pergola for the decoration of your exterior

the modern pergola lounge garden decking terrace

In this large folder dedicated to the modern pergola, we will talk about the reasons to choose such an approach for the exterior decoration of your home. Did you know that the pergola is a very old object?

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His first models already existed at the time of ancient Egypt? The inhabitants weaned themselves to protect themselves from the sun's rays and the heat in the desert. During the same period, she was also exploited as a type of support for growing grapes. While these two ways of using pergolas are still relevant today, the types of construction themselves have evolved considerably. Today, the modern pergola is made of a wide variety of materials and fulfills a variety of functions: it offers a way to protect itself from the sun and contributes to the aesthetics of your exterior. It is also associated with moments of relaxation: those spent in a garden or next to a pool during the day and those experienced in the evening, with a glass of wine in hand, on the terrace. Let's examine together the reasons for choosing a pergola for decorating your outdoors in the following text.

The modern design pergola by Biossun and deco terrace with pool

the pergola design biossun exterior modern

Many people think that by adding additional constructions to their outdoor space, it will become overloaded and unpleasant to the eye. The pergolas come to show us that this design is not always correct. They are, in fact, a way to visually increase the size of your patio or garden. At first glance, this may seem surprising to you, but if you think about it, you will quickly understand why: pergolas do not have "real" walls; these are buildings that have a fairly light look. They are not going to prevent, visually, a person who wishes to observe his garden from one end to the other. For this reason, they are an ideal solution for those who have a beautiful outdoor space, large or small, and looking for a shelter, compact, sun.

The modern design pergola: model attached to a wooden house

the pergola deco modern wood house patio

Of course, the main function of this kind of arbor remains the protection of the sun. But, in reality, the pergola does much more: it blocks the sun's rays, thanks to the design of its roof and the possibility of adding a canvas, while leaving a free passage for the refreshing breeze. The ancient Egyptians certainly knew about ingenious inventions!

The modern design pergola with removable roof used for decorating a terrace

the white pergola gazebo removable terrace

Another peculiarity of pergolas is that they give a lot of possibilities of customization of the outdoor space. The very nature of this shelter is such that it is often easy to install and move. In addition, it can be decorated with various accessories, depending on the preferences of its owners: canvases and blinds, of course, but also lanterns, garlands of light and living plants. And this is one of the biggest advantages of pergolas: you can adorn them with climbing plants that will make the atmosphere of your garden even fresher, more fragrant and more enjoyable.

The pergola of modern design: idea of ​​decoration with flowers for a scented atmosphere

the pergola climbing flowers deco modern terrace coating

As we have said, the pergola is an extremely adaptable layout to the different decorations and the varied requirements of the owners. Even if it is a light enough structure, it would be enough to offer you more privacy and it will protect you from prying eyes. Nowadays, there are many accessories that will help you achieve such an effect: in addition to the plants mentioned above, you can use white light curtains or removable blinds.

The modern design pergola: decoration ideas with plants and hanging swing

swing pergola deco contemporary terraces

Of course, this type of construction also gives a very special impression to the entire outdoor space that it decorates. It exists in different versions and sizes: in wood, wrought iron or other types of metal, stone or artificial materials, spreading over a terrace or covering only a garden bed ... Everyone can so adopt the model that corresponds to the shape of its exterior and its design of the decoration of this space!

Modern terrace decoration with Italian design pergola by Dirello and Tenda Service

Italian design pergola terraces

For all these reasons, the pergola is one of the sun shelters, the most loved and most sought after on the market today. Many people also decide to make their own pergolas using construction plans that are easy to find on the web. All these advantages make this object a kind of investment too: the presence of the pergola in a garden makes this space more attractive and more practical, which will certainly increase the price of your property as a whole. If all these arguments were not enough to convince you to install a pergola in your outdoor space, perhaps the beauty of the images that follow will succeed:

Deco terrace with modern white pergola

outdoor decoration garden terrace white pergolas

Contemporary Pergola Decoration Idea with Flowers

outdoor pergola deco contemporary design

Modern style pergola in black

deco pergola modern terrace

Green outdoor plants and modern style pergola

the garden pergola and terrace modern design

Exterior design of house with pool and pergola

pergola terrace design arbor

Arbor of wooden garden: small pergola with wooden walls

garden arbor wood modern pergola

The arbor pergola in a house on the beach

pergola beach tent

The pergola with light curtains to decorate a dining area in the garden

curtains pergola deco outdoor dining room

The black pergola for terrace deco with swimming pool

pool terrace pergolas

Idea of ​​terrace and garden with modern wall-mounted pergola

terrace landscaped pergola

The modern pergola with blind for your privacy

garden garden awnings

Garden furniture with wooden design pergola

landscaping pergola design garden furniture

Photo of a modern design garden pergola

pergola roof garden

Picture of pergola and pool terrace in modern style

swimming pool pergola terraces

Picture of modern pergola and garden furniture deco

examples pergola sofa salo garden

Idea of ​​small garden pergolas and decoration with flowers

flowers garden pergolas

Contemporary house with pergola backed in white color

image house design pergolas adossees

Small white pergola with flowers in a garden

deco small pergolas plants

Small pergola transportable design with curtains

mini pergola design

The modern pergola on the terrace of contemporary house

modern house terrace pergola

Black pergola with design pool by Biossun

pool pergolas manufacturers

Example of the modern style pergola by Dirello

pergola deco modern style

Example of small modern pergolas and pool decoration

modern pergolas pool deco

Example of modern design pergolas with canvas

modern design pergola roof

Wooden and stone pergolas for modern garden landscaping

deco garden pergola wood stone

The modern wall-style pergola and garden furniture

pergola wall terrace

Modern house pool pergola

terrace sun shelter

The garden pergola for an outdoor area with kitchen, bar and dining room

arbor garden bar outdoor

The white garden pergola design by Frigerio

images pergola gardens modern design

Italian pergola design by Dirello with removable roof

Italian pergolas exterior design

Idea for making a modern pergola for terraces and gardens

make a terrace pergola

Garden furniture and large pergola design by Biossun

outdoor decoration pergolas biossun

Modern house with pergola backed by Italian design

pergola backed house design

Outdoor decoration with outdoor pergola

outdoor pergola awnings

Contemporary house with black and white pergola pattern

idea arbor garden model

Design pergola model by Biossun in black

garden arbor design biossun

Light decoration of mini garden pergola

small garden pergola shelter

Exterior with mini modern house pergola

small garden shed modern houses

brand biossun garden tent

house bright pergola decoration

landscaping outdoor house pergolas

home modern deco pergolas designs

the pergola garden arbor wood

the pergola caniles bed terrace

terrace tent pergola

canvas pergola landscaping

the pergola exterior modern style

the pergola garden arbor wood

shelter the pool decoration pergola

decoration the garden stone pergola

the pergola balancoire arbor

ideas black pergola decking terraces

pool pergola deco outdoor terrace

image the garden decor pergola

the pergola shelters garden wood

wood for pergola terrace pools

pergolas wood decoration modern style

doors with the wooden pergola

wood pergola modern pool

original garden landscaping

garden climbing plants pergola

how to build sapergola terraces

idea deco pergolas pools garden

idea build pergola leaning wall house

deco pool terrace pergola design

decorations outdoor arbor modern terrace

decoration idea terrace sea white pergolas

decoration outdoor kitchens bar pergola

ideas make his pergola terrace

manufacturers pergolas italy

color white pergola painting

the stone terrace decoration pergola

patio decoration modern pergolas terrace

deco outdoor pool pergolas stone

outdoor patio deco black pergolas

modern outdoor pergola decoration

outdoor decoration idea pergola balcony

outdoor deco arbor terrace

decoration pergolas outdoor terrace

deco garden the contemporary pergola

pool terrace pergola kit

outdoor pergola gardens decking

beautiful outdoor pergola house design biossun

biossun pergolas tarpaulins

color deco terrace pergola

large pergola wall terrace house

deco living room terrace house perogola leaned

garden landscaping balcony pergola design

pergola terrace luxury home

pools decking pergola wood

outdoor kitchen decoration pergola

exterior design modern pergola design

modern shelter terrace decking contemporary pergolas

outdoor arbor garden shed pergolas

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