The modern garden door in 50 examples

garden door deco

The door of garden was once only a practical aspect. It was used to preserve the garden of wild animals and the cow of the neighbor who came to eat the plants.

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And even if you have a pretty fence, it will not help you without a beautiful garden door . In this article, we present 50 examples of beautiful garden doors that will help you find inspiration to make or redo yours. Garden gates can be made in any style and in any color to match the decor of your outdoor space.

Garden door decorated with a basket of flowers

flower deco garden door

The garden gate has multiple qualities - it will make your garden more beautiful, more intimate and more secure. The decorative style of the garden door often says everything about the style and design of the garden itself. And yet, a door designed for a garden of a bygone era, can have its charm. Contemporary garden doors are especially designed to embellish the decor of a garden. They come in a variety of styles and designs to match any type of architecture and decoration.

Attractive metal design garden door

door garden-deco-metal

A door in the Victorian style is very suitable for a rather formal garden. The sinuous curves of a contemporary design, based on Art Nouveau, suggest an enthusiastic aesthetic where plants grow on top of one another and mulching is hardly necessary. Alternatively, Asian influenced doors are often chosen for Zen and Oriental gardens.

Asian style wooden garden gate

asian design garden gate

Garden doors and gates can be made from a variety of materials that complement the various decorative styles. Wooden doors are often made of redwood or cedar in combination with metal. The door can also be vinyl that mimics wood, wrought iron or steel and aluminum. Today's technological innovations allow you to have a huge selection of designs and styles for your garden door.

Decorative iron garden door

original design garden door

Choose a door made from a material that matches the surroundings. So, for a house with a garden decorated with metal lanterns, you can very well choose an ornate wrought iron door. Let the design of the door guide you in choosing the decorative theme of the garden. For the garden with an oriental door, you must arrange at least part of this garden in a Japanese or Zen style. Choose a door with decorative shapes that can be seen also at another place in the garden. If your house has triangular windows, for example, you can redo these triangles on the garden door.

Wooden garden fence idea

design wood garden door

The color of the door is also an element not to be neglected. If you have white furniture in your garden, by choosing a white door, you will make the decor of your outdoor space even more elegant and refreshing. But avoid color overload. A very small garden door will make the space more intimate and more romantic, while the large, transparent door is reminiscent of an invitation for people to enter. Here are now 50 examples of garden doors that will certainly please you:

Garden door decorated in Asian style

zen garden door

Garden door of original design

original garden door

Small garden door with metal decorative tree

interesting design garden door

Garden with small wooden door

elegant metal garden door

Oriental style wooden door

asian wood garden gate

Wrought iron decorative door

small garden door deco

Interesting wooden design door

design wood garden gate

Modern door idea made of wood and glass

garden gate wood glass

wood design garden gate

garden gate iron design

modern garden gate metal

wood garden door idea

small wood garden door

wooden garden door

asian wooden garden gate

design wooden garden door

wrought iron garden gate

large wood garden gate

design metal garden door

modern metal garden door

white wood garden gate

light wood garden gate

door garden wood deco

design wood garden door

modern wood garden door

original wood garden gate

rustic style wood garden gate

contemporary garden door

garden door white color

door garden deco wrought iron

contemporary design garden door


garden door design traditional wood

elegant black garden gate

garden gate wrought iron

black wrought iron garden gate

black iron garden gate

garden gate metal design

black metal garden gate

white modern garden gate

small blue garden gate

small wood garden gate

Contemporary design jarrdin door

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