The plastic coffee cup: how to reuse it?

coffee cup pot seeds idea

Everyone who drinks coffee knows what it is to use several plastic coffee cups for the week and even for the day if you drink more than one coffee a day.

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The problem with these coffee cups is that they are not recyclable, that is to say that nothing can be done with them except throw them away. The only thing left for us is to be creative and find out how we could reuse the coffee cup at home. In this article you will find some original ideas on using the coffee cup and how to decorate his interior with.

The coffee cup as a seed pot for the garden

coffee cup pot seed

The size of the coffee cups makes them perfect for your gardening . Instead of buying special pots for your garden seeds, you can very well use your already used coffee cups. All you need to do is fill them with soil, plant the seeds and make a few holes below the cup for drainage. And in case you have a big sunny window at home, then you can try hanging your coffee cups with the seeds as in the pictures.

Coffee cup to keep her garden herbs

DIY coffee cup

Another great idea that you can achieve with coffee mugs are the light garlands. With very little material needed, including a string of lights and colored paper, you can make your own fairy lights to decorate your outdoors or indoors. If you want more interesting ideas how to reuse your coffee cups, look at the following pictures:

Christmas lights made from coffee cups

light garland coffee cup

Coffee cup as a storage box

coffee cup storage box

Decorative board with plastic coffee cups

coffee cup idee deco

Original outdoor decoration with coffee cups

coffee cup idee outdoor deco

Coffee cups as jewelry storage

coffee cup idea DIY storage

Designer light with recycled coffee cups

coffee cup design lighting

coffee cup light fixture DIY

coffee cup storage DIY

coffee cups storage box

coffee cups deco Christmas

coffee cups DIY idea

coffee cups lotion bathroom

coffee cups soap bathroom

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