The recycled plant pot - 30 creative flower pots

recycled plant pot indoor idea

Plants have always been part of our life. But what do you do when your houseplants need more space to grow and ordinary plant pots do not meet your specific needs?

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Today we propose to try the plant pot recycle and use what you already have to make your own flower pots at home. It's a creative idea and also very easy to achieve.

Retro stroller transformed into plant pot

recycled stroller plant pot idea recup

The recycled plant pots are not expensive but are at the same time very original. The first DIY project that we propose is to make a plant pot from jars of yogurt. It's a very easy project because all you need is an empty yogurt pot. To decorate it you can for example paint it just as in the picture.

Recycled wood, ceramic and metal flowerpot

plant pot idea wood landscaping

Another very interesting idea is to turn a book into flower pot . Find an old book and cut out a large enough hole, wrap it with plastic to avoid moisture and place the chosen plant there. It's a very artistic idea and perfect for those of you who love books and plants.

Pots for plants in jars of yoghurt

recycled plant pot recycled yoghurt pot

Wooden crates can also become flower pots. They are large enough to house even several plants at a time. You can use them to turn your patio into a salad garden or you can plant fresh herbs for your kitchen. All you need to do is fill the crates with soil and make a few holes below for drainage. Here are some interesting ideas in pictures:

Jar of recycled plants of jars of yoghurt

recycle flower pot idea recup

Very original idea of ​​recycling

pot plant old book

Stroller transformed into a flower pot

pot plants deco pousette

Wooden flowerpot

pot plant crate wood salad

Processed plastic pots

pot plant recycle pot yogurt

Wooden box transformed into a flower pot

wooden plant pot

Idea of ​​decoration of flower pots

idea deco flower pot

Outdoor flower pots

outside flower pot idea

Decorative flower pots

flower pots

Flower pot in metal can

artistic flower pot idea

Flowerpot in old tires

idea pots DIY tire pots

Decorated wooden flower pot

flower pot deco wood

Flowerpot in water tray

original flower pot tray water

Flowerpots in computer diskettes

floppy flower pot

flowerpot outside tires

pot flowers coffee bags

flower pot hanging wood

flower pot cup the

hanging flower pot tire

vertical flower pot wooden pallet

pot plants tires

jars painted jams idea

flower pots plastic boots

flower pots metal cans

flower pots deco shower curtains

flower pots deco tree trunk

outdoor flower pots casters

original flower pots hanging

succulent flower pots bricks

pots plants limps cement

pots plants pots jam

flower pot vase

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