The renovation of a home built in the 50s

house renovation in a moshav in israel

The house renovation is usually a project as complex and ambitious as it is fascinating when you discover the result. Unlike a building that starts from scratch, the renovation requires more thought and considerations that differ in each project.

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In this case, it's a really exciting renovation project. The house is in a moshav in the Sharon Plain in Israel.

Renovation house that has preserved old wooden beams

old wooden beams preserved summer

Originally, the house was built in 1951 for a family of Jewish emigrants from Libya. At the time, the house was tiny, as was typical for all the houses of the time. But over the years, the house has expanded with the family that grew up. The latter house renovation was carried out by Rotem Guy , for two new owners: a cook and a designer.

sliding doors open onto a furnished terrace

sliding doors open onto a terrace

Rotem Guy took care to redecorate the interior with a particular taste for the eclectic decor . Several decades old features have been preserved to give the house an authentic and rustic look. The ceiling above the living room is decorated with wooden beams that come from the old house. Old shelves have also been incorporated into the decor and are now used as simple and rustic bookcase furniture. The new interior also includes a home office and a furnished terrace. A real transformation as we love them!

open space kitchen industrial and rustic style

industrial and rustic style home renovation

open and spacious interior with rustic bookcase furniture

vast interior open space eclectic deco

beautiful kitchen dotted with bright accents

beautiful interior dotted with brightly colored accents

home office with apple green blinds

home office with rolling shutters apple green

the cork headboard extends around the bedroom

Cork headboard extends around the bedroom

room with eclectic decor and tiled floor

beautiful bedroom with tiled floor

the parquet floor is an index of the change of spaces

parquet flooring delimits various spaces

beautiful wood bookcase with small white step stool

extensive home remodeling extensive interior of the 50s

terrace accessible by living room and home office

alcove in the wall to store firewood

sober bathroom black and white tiles

house renovation in an Israeli moshav

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