The sliding door in all its splendor

embellished bathroom by English Crittall doors

The sliding door is like a magic trick in the tool box of an architect. It is elegant, practical and especially compact: the ideal companion for small spaces .

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Sliding doors have a lot of advantages and can be used everywhere in the house. Whether to play the role of a partition or a more durable screen, or to delimit a space within another, the sliding door is a versatile accessory.

Often, beauty is in the simplicity: this minimalist design sliding door is inspired by the English style of Crittall windows and the result is a modern and industrial mix.

contemporary and minimalist design

You can, of course, also choose it instead of a traditional door and so access to your bathroom , bedroom or even kitchen through a sliding system that proves not only practical in terms of space but also innovative.

Always in glass, these sliding doors fascinate us. The detail of the stripes and the game of shadows that follows is ideal to create a little intimacy and mystery.

sliding doors glass detail stripes

According to you tastes, you have the choice between several variants. Fans of modern design? Opt for glass, be it transprent, frosted or printed. Rather for the rustic? Discover all our examples of wooden sliding doors - whether oak, solid wood or recycled wood for an older look. You like it industrial look ? The glass associated with steel should please you. French windows Crittall are more and more widespread to succeed a minimalist style and very elegant.

The dining room and living room are two pieces that often go hand in hand. But it is also necessary to know how to delimit the spaces, as in the interior below, with a sliding door in wood and glass.

sliding glass door delimits space

For fans of patterns and artistic creations, why not wear your choice on patterned doors? They can be printed glass, carved wood or even perforated metal. You can easily morph your sliding door in a work of art that will easily become the center of your decor.

Once again, glass and steel combine to create a minimalist look that exudes elegance and gives the impression of a large space that remains defined yet.

English look with glass and steel partition

Of course, remember that the motive does not go unnoticed. Geometric shapes catch the eye, so it's important to stay sober in the color of your walls. The contrast is important and accentuated, for example, by a wall of dazzling whiteness. We let you discover all our examples in pictures ...

Let's go now to the wood with an example that shows above all the practicality of a sliding door in the case of a narrow corridor: the space gained is large!

a sliding door to gain space in narrow hallway

The next door is noticeable by the patterns that have been carved on its surface. It's simple, charming and it's a good idea to add character to a room.

beautiful design door with geometric patterns

Here is another example that uses wood in contrast with iron for a rather vintage look. The desired effect is also accentuated by the choice to expose the sliding door rail.

external sliding door rail vintage look

In the following photo, the wood was used in harmony with the stone and the glass of the bathroom as well as with the whiteness of the walls. The result is that of a welcoming room.

rustic wood sliding door

Here, in contrast, a wooden door that focuses on simplicity, both in shape and in the choice of wood. Note that the rail is concealed to create a harmonious and unicoloured set.

minimalist design wood door

Wood, especially if it is recycled and treated to get an aged look, is ideal for creating a contrast. Here, the sliding wooden door opposes the whiteness of the walls, but there are some similarities between the rail and the metal shower head.

striking contrast between wooden door and white decor

Sometimes, just play on the grounds for a creative and unique. The door below is made of several wooden slats that have been arranged diagonally to complete the geometric table that can be seen at the bottom.

set of triangular patterns with wooden slats

If the patterns or the recycled wood do not delight you, here is an idea that you might like: it is still and again sliding wooden doors, but this time, the wood was painted black for a sober look and modern.

black lacquered wood sliding doors

The room below is characterized by two elements: an art deco chandelier and a sliding system that seems to have integrated an old door window. The resulting look is full of character!

art deco atmosphere with a rustic air

Here is another treasure that seems to have been saved and recycled in a sliding door. A true antique dream and a final result that reminds us of the sublime gates of the Titanic ...

old recycled antique door hanging on rail

Since we like contrasts, here's an example that moves away from recycled wood. The sliding door that gives on the kitchen breathes the peps and its yellow chick color stands out from the decor.

super bright contemporary yellow sliding door

And that's another way to separate the living room from the kitchen with these sliding wooden and glass doors. The wood of the doors is reminiscent of the kitchen island which is made of the same material.

sliding doors to separate kitchen living room

Again and again the wood with a glimpse of a rather rustic look that would look like a country house.

wooden window door for a country look

Let's go back to the glass, this time with two examples of glass printed with fairy patterns like the abstract forms below.

printed motif glass door

This superb creation by Albero is original and artistic.

beautiful glass doors printed tree pattern by albero

If you want more dynamism in your interior, why not opt ​​for an accordion sliding door like the following? You can choose French windows for more transparency.

sliding door accordion wood glass

The zebra patterns of these sliding doors are as chic as they are haunting. Designed by Domus & Domus, these sliding doors will quickly become the design element of your interior

chic sliding doors by domus and domus

And here is another sublime transition to the dining room. It's modern and it's chic!

modern sliding doors

And finally, discover this sumptuous interior marked by sliding bamboo doors. The decor is exotic, welcoming and warm.

stunning interior bamboo sliding doors

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