The water garden - no need for a large space!

superb aquatic element for more freshness

When we talk about a aquatic garden many people imagine large expanses of water bordered by rocks and whose surface is dotted with water lilies.

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Yes, it can be that but today, we want to present an idea of water basins much smaller, which can also be contained in containers as small as an old flowerpot with a clogged bottom.

an old zinc bath can be used as a water garden

water basin in an old wooden bathtub

This idea is great for those who do not have the luxury of a large garden but still want to introduce an aquatic element in their exterior. You can have a mini garden of water even on your terrace or balcony . How to go about it? You must first choose your container. No need to pay a fortune, you can recycle an old barrel cut in half, a wooden bucket or even a watering can, a bathtub, the old children's inflatable pool, rubber boots ... give free rein to your imagination but think of plug the holes if there are any.

a real mini-garden with various aquatic plants

beautiful water garden in a spherical pot

Some materials will need to be treated in advance, such as wood that you can paint from the inside with paint used for swimming pools. Once you have chosen your aquatic plants and filled your water garden you just need to place it in a sunny corner and enjoy it. Remember to add water regularly since it will evaporate under the sun. Here are some examples to inspire you ...

inexpensive water basin and easy to create at home

inexpensive water garden with water lilies

improvised garden fountain in an old amphora

beautiful garden amphora that serves as a fountain

abundant pebbles and a pond are enough to introduce a water element

small pond surrounded by pebbles

small water garden in a flowerpot with clogged bottom

small water garden on the terrace

aged fountain accompanied by three pink flamingos

beautiful amphora fountain and flamingos sculptures

an aquatic garden in a wooden bin

aquatic garden in a wooden container

a water garden can also be fitted with a tap

aquatic element with faucet and flowers

water garden on the terrace

small pond with fountain gives life to the garden

small water garden decorated with water lilies

containers of water to furnish a corner of a terrace

aquatic garden contained in a large container

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