The weeping willow - elegance and poetry

Zen garden of Japanese inspiration

For a long time, weeping willow was a tree rich in symbols. Even today, it is used in literature as an element that exudes poetry and elegance.

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Originally from China, the weeping willow was imported to Europe in the late 17th century. Its ornamental nature makes it a tree very conducive to reflection and we often find the weeping willow at the edge of a lake. Its long drooping branches give it the name of "weeping" and we understand why: the tree really gives the impression of shedding tears. It also happens that water from the condensation flows from the leaves.

a weeping willow that stands out against blue sky background

beautiful weeping willow on blue sky background

Despite the fact that this tree is found in large parks and near lakes, you can also introduce it into your garden - as long as you have enough space. Thus, you can arrange the space under the branches in a great corner of rest with two chairs or a wooden table to have a family lunch on Sunday.

moment of rest in the shade of the tree

relaxing time under the shade of the willow

The elegance and the poetry of the weeping willow will bring to your garden a side Zen which will transport you to the distant lands of East Asia. In addition, willow is a tree that really changes foliage according to the seasons. Admire its amber shades in the fall, and rejoice in its pinkish hues on spring days. The weeping willow is a tree for those who like to daydream and get lost in their thoughts. Discover some examples ...

weeping willow with its spring colors

weeping willow tree in the spring

a willow pouring tears into the lake

a weeping willow stands out from the landscape

romantic atmosphere by the lake

basin lined with willow romantic atmosphere

the tree shines with thousand fires in the colors of autumn

Willow borrow autumnal colors

moment of serenity under the shadow of a willow at the lake

a bench under the willow near the lake

a willow stands alone by the lake

a willow pours its tears into the lake

a poetic refuge under the branches of the tree

real zen atmosphere under the tree

green garden with a willow

beautiful garden planted with various trees

country house with a dominant willow

country house bordered by a beautiful tree

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