The white and black kitchen in 50 interesting decorative ideas

white and black kitchen ideas

The white and black kitchen contemporary is elegant, minimalist and modern. The pronounced contrast between white and black creates a refreshing and uncluttered look.

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The minimalist design kitchen furniture with metallic accents further accentuate the contemporary style of the white and black kitchen . In this article, we will introduce you to 50 ideas in pictures to create an elegant kitchen decor in black and white.

Kitchen in white and black of modern design

minimalist white and black kitchen

Walls and floor form a large part of the kitchen and create a decorative background for furniture and accessories. Solid wood as the hickory , birch, oak and maple are a great idea for the kitchen floor, decorated in black and white. Such flooring creates an elegant and warm atmosphere. Opt for white furniture to contrast with the dark floor.

Contemporary white and black kitchen decoration idea

Spacious white and black kitchen

Another option for deco flooring is the black and white design tile. The white walls in combination with black furniture will make the decoration very original.

Kitchen decorating idea in black and white

white and black kitchen idea

Light is also very important in the kitchen. You can put window sills and wood trim in metallic paint to give a touch of brilliance to your modern kitchen. You can choose for the doors a lacquered black paint to create a contemporary look.

Black and white kitchen of original design

white and black kitchen design

Avoid thick draperies so as not to weigh down the decoration. Transparent glass tiles complement the contemporary look. Opt for modern blinds that will protect you from ultraviolet rays. As for the fixtures, the pendants and elegant above the bar or kitchen island, are a very good idea.

Elegant kitchen decorated in black and white

white and black wood kitchen

Stainless steel appliances will help you accentuate the kitchen decor in black and white. You can also repaint your black and white appliances with a specially designed paint to create a stainless steel look that you will find in specialty stores.

Kitchen deco lacquered in black and white

contemporary white and black kitchen

A steel sink with a chrome faucet is a very good complement for contemporary deco. The kitchen backsplash can be in white tile or glossy glass, to create a dramatic look. The tiled backsplash with black and white patterns is another alternative.

Modern black and white kitchen

white and black kitchen deco

The furniture in the kitchen in black and white must be minimalist and simple style. A simple wooden kitchen bar and upholstered stools will make your kitchen even more comfortable. A small chrome dining table with chairs in one of the corners can be used to compliment the modern look of the space.

Contemporary design kitchen in black with white walls

white and black kitchen contemporary design

To create visual interest in the walls, you can put black and white photo frames or why not a decorative painting in the same nuances. Decorative plates on open shelves are another decorative option. It is still best to avoid overloading accessories. A set of white vases, with flowers in yellow or red, will help you create a touch of color in the black and white decor.

Luxurious design kitchen in black and white

interesting white and black kitchen design

The black and white kitchen is ideal for contemporary and industrial style kitchens. This kitchen model of colors as simple as apparent can unite several styles.

Kitchen decorated in black and white with wooden center island

white and black kitchen idee deco

Although pure colors, care must be taken to balance the two shades. First, the black color must be much less present than the white one. In addition, it is best to avoid it on walls and ceilings. This can reduce your room's light and make it look smaller.

elegant white and black kitchen

By creating a white and black kitchen you risk having a dark interior. To avoid this, on the one hand, it is necessary to vary the materials and the nuances. Mix the wood with the stone, the gloss with matt let, patterns with uncluttered furniture. Gray is a color that will adapt to both your white and black kitchen. It's the happy medium between the two nuances will soften the mood of your space.

white and black kitchen work space

However, do not hesitate to add a little color. Green plants and potted flowers are a great option. They will bring color and freshness in the most natural way possible. You can also choose a colorful touch by opting for appliances and colored utensils, custom ceramic pots and so on.

white and black kitchen idee deco

Black and white, combined together form an elegant and contemporary interior that allows to associate it with many colors. Among these colors, we love red and yellow. By inserting these colors in the right places, you will find the perfect balance. And for that, choose color accessories.

white and black kitchen design idea

Choose stainless steel or marble worktops that will bring brilliance to your kitchen. Bet on furniture of clean forms and geometric. Do not forget the practical side as it is the number one rule in the kitchen. The more storage you have in your kitchen, the more comfortable you will feel and avoid chaos.

white and black kitchen central island

white and black kitchen lacquered

white and black kitchen pink furniture

white kitchen and black modern furniture

modern white and black kitchen

white and black kitchen deco idea

white and black kitchen tiled floor

ultra modern white and black kitchen

contemporary kitchen black white

modern contemporary design kitchen

modern design kitchen black white

modern original design kitchen

black and white kitchen

black and white kitchen red accents

black and white kitchen decoration

black and white kitchen design

black and white kitchen idea

black and white kitchen idee deco

black and white kitchen laquered

black kitchen and modern blanche

deco kitchen design black white

kitchen deco laquee black white

deco kitchen black white

kitchen deco floor black white

deco small kitchen black white

contemporary kitchen decoration black white

white black kitchen decoration

modern kitchen deco idea

idea black white kitchen deco

idee deco ultra modern kitchen

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