The white design kitchen: 50 ideas of modern decor

kitchen white design ideas

Kitchen renovation is one of the most common projects in modern homes. As the owner, you spend a lot of money on the work. For this reason, it is crucial that they are well done.
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So, you've decided to redecorate your kitchen, but you still have no decorating ideas for the new look of the room? In this article we will help you by presenting 50 ideas for the white design kitchen . Today, what we are looking for is a modern kitchen that is both elegant and functional. And according to many interior designers, the color white is the most popular color for the decor of the kitchen. The white design kitchen is bright, pleasant and contemporary.

White design kitchen decorated with touches of orange

elegant white design kitchen

In addition to the timeless decor that you will create in your kitchen by choosing the white color, you will also visually enlarge the space and make it brighter in case it lacks natural light. The white kitchen is often thought to be sterile or bland, but this can easily be avoided by using accent colors and accessories such as designer lighting and original furniture.

White design kitchen with black lights

white design kitchen white island

There are many ways to decorate the kitchen with white surfaces. The white marble is warm, classic and its natural veined appearance gives texture to the decor. Marble is certainly more expensive than other options and requires more maintenance. You will have to clean the stains right away, avoid putting hot dishes or abrasives on the surfaces of your kitchen. White granite, for its part, requires less maintenance than marble, but also offers a very classic elegance for the kitchen decor. White quartz is durable and more resistant to stains, scratches and corrosion. White glass is the most expensive and certainly the most hygienic option. And if you have a tight budget, then modern laminated surfaces mimic granite and marble beautifully and are very durable.
White design kitchen with silver backsplash

minimalist white kitchen design

White sinks have long been a staple to bathrooms, but they are also perfect for cooking - no matter if it's a traditional piece or more modern. The chamotte is perhaps the best material for the white kitchen sink because it is durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean. The white kitchen island is another element to be included in the design kitchen white. It is an element both decorative and very practical for the preparation of meals or storage. You can create contrast by choosing it in a different material than the rest in the kitchen.
Kitchen decorating idea in white

kitchen white design kitchen table

Kitchen cabinets are perhaps the most important elements in kitchen decor because they take up the most space in the room. Opt for furniture that you like and decorate them with designer handles that will modernize the look of the room without overloading it. Take them in finishes or in different colors of white to create an original and contrasting decor. You do not have to change your white appliances for the simple reason that today what we see the most is the stainless steel appliances. According to experts, the time of stainless steel is over and we expect the glamorous return of color appliances. Here are now 50 images of elegant and modern kitchens in white.
White kitchen decorated with stone and wood

kitchen white design idee deco

White kitchen of contemporary design

contemporary design kitchen white

Kitchen decor in white and gray

gray white design kitchen

White kitchen deco with blue tiles

white kitchen wall tile

White kitchen of modern design

white kitchen elegant design

White kitchen decoration with multicolored carpet on the floor

interesting white kitchen design

Minimalist kitchen decor in white

white kitchen minimalist design

Wooden kitchen decorating idea

white kitchen modern design

Contemporary design kitchen decorated in white

white kitchen practical modern design

white kitchen original design

white kitchen and wood

white kitchen and blue wood

white kitchen and elegant wood floor

white kitchen central island

minimalist white kitchen marble surfaces

kitchen wood surfaces marble

kitchen design white tile

contemporary white design kitchen

white design kitchen deco

minimalist deco white kitchen design

white design kitchen decoration

kitchen white design central island

modern white design kitchen

white design kitchen marble surfaces

green white design kitchen

modern contemporary design kitchen

kitchen minimalist design white

kitchen white lacquer design

modern kitchen white orange

modern kitchen white wood

black white kitchen deco

red white kitchen deco

white wood kitchen deco

white design kitchen deco

white modern kitchen deco

deco modern original kitchen

white kitchen deco

white modern kitchen deco

white kitchen decoration

contemporary kitchen deco idea

kitchen deco idea white design

modern kitchen deco idea

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