The white kitchen and wood in all its states

white kitchen and wood deco modern design

After the great return of the white kitchen in recent times, we are rediscovering white and wood cooking in all its aspects. The interest in the classic blend of colors and materials, represented by the white and wood kitchen, returns to reaffirm one of the most recent trends in the design world.

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It is the search for flexible and elegant lines that lies at the origin of this trend: the designers of design kitchens remind us of the perfect marriage between neutral colors such as white and black on one hand and materials natural as wood, stone and metal, on the other.

The white kitchen and wood: return of a classic mix

white kitchen and wood island contemporary decoration

Despite the apparent coldness of the white, the white kitchen and wood is by no means ordinary or bland. On the contrary, it is a space that breathes cleanliness, zen atmosphere and light. It is no coincidence that the Scandinavian interiors, which abound in simple lines and favor natural materials, give pride of place to the cuisine of this type. It's more than one advantage we can enjoy in today's world.

The white kitchen and wood for all spaces

white kitchen and wood contemporary design layout

First, the white furniture is suitable for all spaces, large or small. For this reason, the layout of a white kitchen and wood is an option that many people in a small space apartment choose. Thanks to the brilliance of white and the accents of light wood, small kitchens in the city open to the light and expand visually. The white kitchen and lacquered wood adds an extra edge to the small spaces, as it reflects the sun's rays, further illuminating rooms that lack large windows and natural light.

Vintage kitchen in white and wood

white kitchen and wood Scandinavian style deco

Then, the white and the wood are perfect for the development of an open kitchen. Here, the question arises not so much about the size of the room, but about the harmonization of the kitchen with the neighboring spaces. However, we can see that the white kitchen and wood can fit perfectly in all kinds of open spaces, whatever the colors of their interior decoration and the style in which they are arranged. You can see examples of this type of kitchen layout in our gallery.

A kitchen for all types of decoration

white kitchen and wood idea white work plan

Speaking of styles, we must highlight another advantage of the white kitchen and wood: it is extremely adaptable to different kinds of interior decor. Of course, on this point, things depend mainly on furniture that has been chosen for the layout of his kitchen. Those, with simple lines, will naturally suit a modern kitchen, even minimalist. But the white kitchen and wood can also be declined in variant vintage , thanks to furniture with a sophisticated decoration, such as furniture wrists with a retro look or open storage and vintage paintings. Finally, the marriage of white and wood produces a calm and pleasant atmosphere that can not be found in any other kitchen. And indeed, the white kitchen and wood is present in the Asian decoration and coexists perfectly with green plants or with natural materials such as stone and metal. Discover all the pictures of white and wood kitchens below.

White kitchen and small wood spaces, creation of Totems Architecture

small white kitchen and wood loft studio furniture

Kitchen in white and minimalist wood by Ged cucine

modern kitchen wood white design furniture

White kitchen and wood design, creation of Uzit

pastel kitchen furniture wooden island layout

Kitchen in white and wood for small spaces

white kitchen and wood small deco studio furniture

Scandinavian style kitchen in white and wood

small white kitchen and wood design ideas

Modern kitchen in white and wood by Tha Architecture

white kitchens furniture wooden furniture

Modern open kitchen in white and wood, creation of Ged cucine

kitchens design furniture white wood decorations

Planning ideas for modern kitchen in white and wood

develop kitchen in white with wooden furniture

Modern kitchen in white and wood

kitchen design worktop white furniture wood

White kitchen and wood with central island

wooden bar stools white kitchen cabinet

White kitchen and minimalist and original wood

kitchen design ideas wooden worktop modern deco

Minimalist kitchen ideas in wood and white

kitchen wood central island white furniture

Design kitchen with white furniture

white kitchen table wood and white furniture

White kitchen and lacquered wood with green decoration

green lacquered kitchen wood furniture white decoration

Kitchen with central island in wood and oak furniture

design furniture oak white kitchen cupboards

Elegant kitchen with central island in white and wood

lacquered kitchen wooden bar central island white

worktop wood ideas decor white kitchens

kitchens white and wood interior furniture

kitchen island lacquered white furniture

build block brick wood storage for white kitchens

bar white wooden furniture kitchen furniture

vintage kitchens work plans white wood furniture

kitchens woods white bars arrange interior

kitchen island wood bar white furniture

marble wood island worktop marble white kitchens

furniture design kitchens wood tables

kitchens metal bars interior decoration design

central island layout worktop marble wood bars

island wood work plan white kitchen

layout bar modern white kitchens

modern kitchens with white decorations wood

open kitchen furniture wood deco interior white

black kitchens white island layout

layout bar plans work wood and white kitchen

Kitchens Oak Island White Modern Furniture

white island and wood clear kitchen bars

furniture lacquered kitchen white furniture wood plans

design light kitchens white wood furniture bar stools

design original kitchens and materials furniture wood decoration

white island kitchens wood landscaping in white

decoration kitchen design cupboards white credence wood

white kitchen furniture fitting wood cupboards

kitchens metal furniture white wood decorations

kitchen cabinet wood bar white

storage white kitchens Scandinavian style layout

furniture wood island kitchen design white

kitchen bars decoration white island ideas

decoration white interior furniture kitchens clear

white bars wood interior design


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