The wooden door gives an authentic character to your interior

wooden door garofoli pangea otra assorted

A wood door is the very archetype of the door, as we imagine this indispensable element when we come to the finishes of a dwelling .

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The wooden door is the type of door most commonly encountered, wood, as you know, is a noble and natural material, it accompanies humanity since its infancy. Wood brings an incomparable character, it gives warmth and comfort and enriches the atmosphere of a room by its aesthetic qualities.

wooden door with 3 panels

massive classic garofoli interior doors

Nowadays, the manufacturers offer a wide choice of doors, which adapt perfectly to all styles, from classic to modern, through industrial or rustic. Their appearance varies according to two factors; first of all gasoline which will be used in the process of manufacturing the wooden door and the process of developing the door.

a wooden door fits all styles

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As for solid wood doors, these species come from two large families of trees, conifers or hardwoods. In softwoods, the most common species of interior carpentry are spruce, fir, Douglas fir and maritime pine. These are softer species because they come from fast-growing trees. In the case of hardwoods, they are legion, but the most common species in the use of solid wood are oak, chestnut, beech, ash, elm and poplar as local species. Exotic hardwoods include African mahogany, Rio rosewood, pitchpi, ramin, sipo or teak.

a massive wooden door

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The other factor that will affect the appearance of a door is the way it is made. These are hollow-core doors, whose interior composition is a honeycomb-like or lath type structure. The materials used for this can be MDF, wood sheets used in plating or plywood. The veneer makes it possible to give a precious wood finish to a wooden door, to reduce the price or the weight, when it consists of a honeycomb structure for example.

beech finish veneer

wooden door garofoli design opa veneer

The preferred species when it comes to the veneer of a door are birch, maple sycamore or plane maple, ash, beech, walnut, obeche and for plywood poplar. The grain of the wood will define the quality of the rendering of a door, and the process of drying of the wood is essential, to avoid deformation and withdrawal too important of it. It is normal that the wood work, but the judicious choice of gasoline, as well as the drying and elaboration process, make it possible to maintain this natural phenomenon within accepted and controlled limits.

the many wood tones

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Choosing a wooden door is a wise choice, not only for its functional and decorative aspects, but also because wood is a material that, when used responsibly, is renewable. Sustainable management of the forest implies the use of the resources of the forest to maintain a present biological diversity, the capacity of this forest to regenerate, so that future generations also have the same resources as those that are present today.

a renewable material

wooden door garofoli design

In the case of tropical timber, a sustainable management It also intends not to harm indigenous populations, whether human, animal or botanical, by guaranteeing them the respect of their rights as provided for in local legislation at least. It is therefore about respecting a balance that influences ecological, social and economic aspects.

require a door from sustainable management

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The label that was created on the basis of the Rio conference, despite the fact that states could not agree, is the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), under the aegis of the WWF. In Europe, a similar label was created at the same time, the PEFC, program of recognition of forest certifications.

the natural charm of wood

wooden door garofoli quaranta predia single double swing

harmonious combination with glass

wooden door garofoli 110 e glass lode

the wood allows to diversify the models

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clean lines

wooden door garofoli gavisio liscia dark finish

a harmonious design

wooden door garofoli gavisio quave inserts

highlighting of the vein

wooden door garofoli modern designer

nice combination with aluminum also

wooden door garofoli designer dark finish

wooden door garofoli opa clear 1pa

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elegant garofoli wooden door quaranta orizzonte

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