Thermomix: the kitchen robot with 12 functions

thermomix robot multifunctional kitchen

Thermomix : it is a multi-function food processor with touch screen, unique in its kind, designed by the German brand Vorwerk. It revolutionizes the way of cooking while allowing the fast realization of a great variety of delicious and balanced meals for all the family.

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Finally, it does almost everything and it saves time and energy. This new generation appliance, designed in 2014, combines 12 functions in all: blender, mix, grind, crush, beat, stir and knead, weigh, cook, boil, steam, warm up by controlling the temperature and emulsify.

Thermomix TM5 by Vorwerk *: the multifunctional food processor

thermomix design technology innovation modern design

Result of the happy marriage between technology and innovation, this robot allows you to gain space and time. It adapts to all desires and facilitates culinary adventures. This technological innovation will make everyday cooking incredibly easy. This food processor has many benefits and takes up very little space. Preparing quickly and simply, with more delicacy, fresh and healthy meals for family and friends becomes possible. Making bakery recipes was never so enjoyable: croissants, bread, pastries, Pizza and many others.

This cooking robot adapts to all desires and facilitates culinary adventures

thermomix design modern kitchen robot technology

The latest model Thermomix TM5 is sold with his key recipes "My cooking everyday" which allows access to more than 200 illustrated recipes to inspire each day and discover new ideas for your meals. Flip through the book to find the perfect recipe to prepare and make it directly with the key recipes to enjoy the guided cooking. The robot will set the temperature and program the duration of its preparation for you. Fabulous, is not it?

A touch screen to better control this revolutionary kitchen robot

kitchen robot design model idea technology innovation

Want more culinary ideas? Online, many recipes have been proposed so you can accurately plan your purchases and meals. It is also possible to save your favorite recipes. By choosing the connected Thermomix, ie equipped with the Cook-Key and enjoy unlimited access for 6 months of all 2000 Thermomix certified recipes from the * platform.

TM5: a cooking robot with revolutionary performance

kitchen robot design modern technology trend

It allows you to save time, space and money. In lack of space? Thanks to the Thermomix food processor, you'll save space. With these 12 functions it replaces multiple containers and kitchen appliances.

The model TM5 robot with touch screen and its accessories

kitchen robot design space saving idea arrange space

Lack of time ? During most of the time, the cooking will take place automatically, especially if you choose the function "Guided cooking" .

The latest model with even more features to make cooking easier

food processor kitchen design robot ideas trend technology innovation

The first model of Thermomix was created in 1961 signed by the German brand Vorwerk and was a real revolution for the culinary world. Nowadays, the kitchen robot is in many homes and it has also permanently installed in the kitchens of great chefs. By choosing a food processor, you save time and space. The old models, as well as the very last, have a very powerful mixer bowl, thanks to which it is possible to make sherbets, soups or even whites in snow. With the Varoma , accessory for steaming, vegetables, fish and meat are prepared easily and healthily.

Models and evolution of their design from 1961 to 2014

cooking robot design performance cooking robot idea

The model Thermomix TM5, designed in 2014, is more rounded, more modern and equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen, while a small wheel installed on the side of the screen allows to adjust the speed and duration of recipes. The capacity of the steam bowl and accessory for leather Varoma is larger than the previous model. The knives and the whip have been reworked to improve their performance. The scale is more accurate than the old version because it weighs up to 3kg instead of 2kg. The latest model is also more secure because its cover is supplied with an automatic locking system and not manual, and a handle has been added to the robot. That's not all, the TM5 is quieter and quieter!

The TM5 model was designed in 2014: revised performance, safety and ease of use

modern technology idea touchscreen food processor

The price of the latest model TM5 is 1139 euros. It is sold with all the necessary accessories to get the most out of your device: accessory Varoma for steaming and preparing meals, rich in vitamins and low-fat, mixing bowl, cooking basket, whisk, spatula, measuring cup, knives, lids plus user manual and basic book " My cooking everyday " .

Kitchen robot with design of tomorrow, below model TM5 designed in 2014

food processor design utensil kitchen robot idea

The preparation of meals becomes child's play

food processor cooking utensil cooking robot idea

An even more accurate scale

design technology innovation kitchen robot design

Mix, mix, slice, grind, crush ... everything is possible!

technology kitchen robot machine idea design innovation

Its design is sleek and elegant: easy to integrate and store

modern design technology food processor

The model of the TM5 kitchen robot is sold with all the necessary accessories

food processor kitchen idea food processor technology innovation

Finally, you have understood, Thermomix, makes preparation and cooking a breeze and reenchant your life.

The food processor facilitates preparation and combines several functions

kitchen robot idea technology innovation design modern technology

Below, discover in pictures two of the older models of the Thermomix food processor, 21 and 31.

The model 21, designed in 1996, has no touch screen, but it is also very powerful

food processor design technology innovation food processor

Model 31 designed in 2003 and sold at a price of 999 euros

kitchen robot design technology innovation

TM31 model without touch screen

robot kitchen idea innovation technology modern food processor

The TM31 kitchen robot model was designed in 2003. It is also very powerful, but without a touch screen. It is of course cheaper than the latest version of 2004, sold at a price of 999 euros. Online, we even find stickers to decorate and personalize!

TM31 model decorated with red stickers

robot deco kitchen decoration idea innovation

Black stickers for an elegant look

kitchen robot stickers idea technology innovation

Stickers with interesting drawings

robot kitchen sticker idea food processor design

For the TM31 model, there are even stickers to decorate it

deco kitchen robot technology innovation design

Vorwerk : visit the brand website and order your new food processor online

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