Tile of the Marais, the French artisan tradition

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Tile of the Marais is a company founded by Bertrand Damoiseau in 1977. It specializes in tile making and quality furniture. Inspired by craftsmanship ceramic , Bertrand Damoiseau's mission is to pursue the art of creating decorative ceramics for floors and walls that evoke the interiors of the magnificent houses of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

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The products of this brand are made in the best craft traditions, which is a guarantee of their durability. According to the manufacturers themselves, their tiles can last for decades bringing interior and exterior spaces a touch of French elegance. We suggest you explore different collections of coatings and furniture of this French brand with the text and photos below.

Cement tiles Tile of the Marais

tiling of marsh painting cement bertrand damoiseau

The cement tiles of Carrelage du Marais are probably the best known product of this French brand. The latter offers a wide range of products, some of which are inspired by classical motifs while others are adapted to contemporary interiors. These are a good choice for those who want a quality coating that is modern and trendy.

Cement tiles Tiles: vintage or modern, it's up to you!

cement tile tiling of the swamp

The Tile Marble cement tile selection includes two main series: the United - monochrome products available in a very rich selection of colors and hues; and the sets, which are ornate tiles classic or modern, divided into two categories, the Simple Decors and the Decors carpets.

Kitchen wall tile Marais

tile tiling swamp cement flooring flooring kitchen

Marais marble tile and stone elements

marble floor tile floor tile

The Carrelage du Marais also offers its customers marble and quality stones. The stones, currently available in the brand's stores, are 5: Ephesian travertine (available in three shades - light, hazel and mix); the white marble of Afyon; black marble; the andesite lava rocks and the limestone Abbey. They are sold in different formats, suitable for tiling and mosaic paving.

Decoration idea with Marble Tile Marble

marble design tile swamp

The marbles and stones of this series will bring to your interior or exterior a posed and very refined atmosphere. Their formats and colors are also suitable for creating frescoes and friezes for a Mediterranean or retro-inspired house decoration.

Glazed terracotta tiles by Carrelage du Marais

floor tile swamp cement floor tiles

These tiles are inspired by the monuments of classical architecture and the notion of "golden number". They are therefore made in a format that corresponds to this notion (11 x 17.8 cm), with an enameling that is done by hand. Within this collection of products, we find a series of Ponchons, the famous tiles with white and blue color, lacquered surface, which are suitable for interiors of vintage and romantic style.

Modern bathroom decoration with wall and floor tiles

edgy modern design bathing

But the brand also offers a selection of other terracotta tile collections, some of which are marked by the imprint of the past, while others feature modern, fun, rustic or natural decorations. Thus, among his latest creations, we discover the series Pop, Zen and Sticker.

Carraleg products from Marais enamelled lava and kitchen tiles

swamp tile worktop enamelled washbasin

The Enamelled Lava collection offers us the advantages of this material of volcanic origin which is baked at very high temperatures (about 1000 C °). These make the surface of enamelled lava very resistant to the scratches and maintenance products commonly used in our homes. The lava used by Carrelage du Marais is taken from the volcanoes of Auvergne and is cut using digital technologies. As for the enameling, it is done by hand and usually has 6 to 8 very thin layers.

Photo of the Brussels Marais Tiles Showroom: where artisanal art meets contemporary decor

artisanal decoration tiled floor marshes brussels

The terracotta signed Bertrand Damoiseau are made according to the ancient tradition that involves working with French clays of various colors (red, white, yellow and black). They are fired in wood at very high temperatures, similar to enamelled lava. These tiles allow owners and decorators of old homes to create extraordinary interiors and restore old homes while remaining true to their authenticity.

Bathroom design furniture by Carrelage du Marais

tile swamp tiles cement bathroom washbasin marble

Tile Marais also offers its customers furniture, basins and sinks stone and marble for the interior of their bathrooms and toilets. These products harmonize beautifully with the interior adorned with tiles and stones of the brand.

Decorative idea by Carrelage du Marais bathroom

tile swamp deco bathroom tiles marble

The washbasin furniture, of different sizes and shapes, can be equipped with stone worktops or enamelled lava, whose advantages have been examined above. Their surface will be protected from moisture in the bathroom and their service life will be longer.

Painting Bertrand Damoiseau Tile of the Marais

color paint tile idee deco bathroom

In addition to the creation of all these floor and wall coverings, the company also specializes in the manufacture of high quality casein paints. These paints are suitable for the decoration of cement tiles. They are a very good choice for those who wish to personalize their interior.

Tile painting by Carrelage du Marais

tiling bertrand damoiseau painting tile caseine

The art paintings of Betrand Damoisieau thus facilitate the work of harmonizing colors in any contemporary home. Casein paint has excellent adhesion qualities. It is available in soft, matte and covering shades of beige, red and blue.

Shades of painting by Betrand Damoiseau and Tiles of the Marais

paint his tile casein paint

Non-toxic, it contains acrylic resin that protects the tiles from the harmful effects of water and dries very quickly (in about 45 minutes). This is a very nice solution for those who wish to renovate their tiles without resorting to major interior design work.

Interior with cement tiles Modern design Marble tiles

tiling swamp cement flooring coating

Image of tiles of the mark

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