Tillandsia - a perfect plant for interior decoration

Tillandsia plant interior deco

Did you know Tillandsia ? If you know what "air girls" are, then you already know everything! The Tillandsia is the general species of many plants called "girls of the air".

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But why decorate your home with these little green plants? First of all, these plants do not really require much maintenance or care. They do not need soil since they absorb water and nutrients from the air. Today we will learn a little more about these plants and we will see some ideas of how to make an original decoration with.

A plant of the species Tillandsia in pink

Tillandsia deco rose plant

The "Air Girls" are from Mexico, Central America and South America, but you certainly do not need to live in one of these regions to contemplate their beauty. Thanks to the online sales sites, you can have your plant delivered directly to you. And ordering several plants at once is not a problem.

Tillandsias plants are still called "The girls of the air"

Tillandsia idee interior deco

Can a Tillandsia plant grow on a crystal? Yes, because the plant does not need soil and is very beautiful in combination with a crystal. The other way to decorate your home with the "girls of the air" is by putting them in pots specially designed for this species of plants. These jars come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. The Tillandsias are also perfect for creating terrariums combined with succulents. They are also found very often in transparent glass spheres alone or decorated with shells, pebbles or other decorative elements. Here are some ideas in pictures:

A perfect plant for interior decoration

Tillandsia original plant deco

Indoor plant arrangement

arrangement interior plants design

A "Girl in the air" in a design flowerpot

cache original design pot

Original decoration idea with a "Girl of the air"

deco interior design plants

A plant stuck to a crystal

interior deco plant crystal

Interesting wall decoration

girls wall deco

A Tillandsia in a concrete design pot

girl lair pot-beton

girls in the air pot wood

interior decoration idea plants

indoor plant crystal deco

indoor plant girls crystal air

indoor plant pot minimalist flower

indoor plants pot design

original design wood flower pot

original design flower pots

sphere transparent glass girl air

terrarium girl air design

indoor terrarium transparent sphere

terrarium succulent plants deco

Tillandsia plants interior deco

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