Tipi for children: invite the Indian spirit to your home

children's teepee hut room fabric idea child decoration

Kids love huts and teepees ! In the open air or indoors, the tipi is perfect for a thousand and one adventures! You can build the teepee for child yourself using simple sheets, branches and small cushions or buy it.

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More than a decoration, the tipi will be a magic part of the interior of your child's room. Who does not love adventures? If you are looking for an original and practical decoration for the bedroom of your little one, here is our selection of 23 examples of children's teepee Magic!

Tipi for children in white

build a teepee child room idea garland deco boho chic

The adventurous fiber of kids is known to explore, play, imagine ... If you live in the city, you probably do not have the opportunity to bring your children, every day, in the wilderness. How then create an adventurous atmosphere in their room? Help the tipi! If you have the pleasure of having a house with a garden, then you can alter according to the seasons and install it either indoors or outdoors.

Tipi for children to make yourself

small tipi child room build tipi hut fabric

Your child's room is his magic universe. It is his cozy cocoon that he likes to transform, from time to time, into a real playground and adventure. The little huts and houses have just been replaced by their ancestors the tipi! Easy to do, very safe and very exotic, children love it ... There are several advantages - it is beautiful and personalized, it does not take much space and it can be stored easily without cluttering. It will give a style and a charm inside the room. The tipi can be personalized according to the space you have at your disposal and according to the colors and the favorite motifs of your toddler. Then, it's up to you to accompany it with pretty cushions and ottomans with ethnic motifs, colored and others.

Idea of DIY tipi

build a teepee child idea room interior deco wall

Do you know where the tipi comes from? The tipi is a traditional dwelling used by some North American Indian tribes. It's a tapered tent. There are also similar habitats in Asia. At the base, the teepee is built by binding together three poles that rest on each other and then they are covered with animal skin. Invite the tipi, from an Indian know-how, in the room of your little adventurer ...

Photo gray tipi

build tipi child gray sheets cushions ideas

Tipi decorated with light garland

teepee child idea DIY decoration original child

Teepee idea built with sheets and poles

teepee diy tent indian child bedroom construction idea floor mat round

teepee for child room indian tent deco

build teepee child idea decorating room

to make a tipi for children idea room decorative original shelves

teepee for child black and white idea room decoration wall

build a teepee for child idea sheets simple idea

child teepee buy decorating idea

build teepee child deco cot baby idea wall deco

teepee for child idea room girl decoration cushions

how to make an outdoor child's tipi

child room tipi fabric wood design pink bedroom girl idea

indian tent child room build teepee child deco wall garland ideas

child teepee build idea decoration bedroom wall design storage room child room shelves

teepee for child build idea DIY original decoration

tipi room child idea black and white deco wall paintings frames

indian teepee room child idea hut fabric

teepee child idea design linens black and white decoration child room

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