Tips and tricks for decorating a trendy kitchen

kitchen central island wood

Do you dream of a new modern kitchen? So you are in the right place! But what are the characteristics of contemporary cuisine? Clean lines, minimalist details or neutral colors?

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In this article you will definitely find the answers to all your questions as well as decorating ideas for a trendy cuisine for those who hesitate between modern style and retro style, black and white or between open plan and closed doors in the kitchen.

Trendy and modern kitchen in wood

trendy modern kitchen open wood

To decorate the modern kitchen, professionals recommend neutral colors: shades that can serve as background in this space with plenty of storage furniture, shelves and cupboards. As far as the organization of space is concerned, kitchens are becoming more and more flexible and multifunctional. Such is the kitchen island that makes possible the existence of open kitchens on the living room or on the dining room.

Trendy kitchen with center island decorated in neutral color

kitchen central island neutral color

In the trendy kitchen, wood, stainless steel and glass are very often used materials in combination with modern details of bright colors to brighten up the decor. On the other hand, we avoid at all costs the overload of textures, materials or colors in the decor of the contemporary kitchen. Use the main color of your choice to decorate 60% of the space, the secondary color for 30% and for the remaining 10%, use a third color to accentuate and highlight certain elements of the decor.

Modern kitchen decoration with white lacquered furniture

trendy kitchen idea decoration

One of the best ways to create a simple and modern minimalist look in the kitchen is to use smooth lacquered or matte surfaces, built-in doors and built-in appliances to create a space that looks fluid and consistent. Need more decorative ideas and useful tips for modern cooking? We invite you to discover this beautiful selection of photos that we have prepared especially for you:

Contemporary design kitchen with center island and wooden bar

kitchen wood central island

Kitchen decorating idea with center island in dark gray

kitchen modern design idee deco

Elegant decoration kitchen in blue and white

kitchen lacquer decoration idea

Modern kitchen cabinet in bright red

red modern kitchen deco

Kitchen decoration idea in white and purple

decoration kitchen design purple white

Modern kitchen in white with open shelves

red white modern kitchen decoration

Lacquered black kitchen of ultra modern design

black modern kitchen cabinet

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