To arrange a kitchen opened on dining room

open kitchen table wood design idea

With our modern urban lifestyle it is often difficult to find time to spend time at home with our family and friends. To arrange a open kitchen on dining room you will make the times spent around the table more social.

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In this article we will give you some tips on how to create an open space in your interior.

Kitchen design open to dining room

open kitchen to contemporary dining room

To create a kitchen open to dining room, it is very important to define the different areas of activity. Opting for a kitchen island is a great way to create a natural barrier between meal preparation and the dining table. Choose an island higher that can hide the mess during the process of preparing meals, as well as dirty plates afterwards.

Open kitchen decoration

open kitchen design stool

Try to arrange the dining space as close as possible to a source of natural light. If you live in a house with a garden, then put your dining table next to the window overlooking the garden. If you live in an apartment, you just have to put the table near a window. If the kitchen and dining room are spacious enough, you can create a small living area and accent it with a fireplace, a sofa or a small coffee table for example.

Elegant kitchen deco open to the dining room

open kitchen central island design

The cooked is the dining room are the spaces in your interior that experience the most passage and traffic and it is important to arrange them so that you can clean them as easily as possible. Use washable wall paints and make sure the covers of your chairs can easily be removed. Avoid carpets because they will quickly get dirty and choose a practical floor covering for these spaces. Also try to harmonize the decorative styles of the different spaces. It is certain that your rustic dining room will not go with your industrial kitchen but adding a glass table with white leather chairs will be the solution to this problem.

Open space with kitchen and dining room

open kitchen design wood island

If you have cut a wall to create your kitchen open to dining room, you must have sacrificed some storage furniture. In this case choose a kitchen island large enough that you will have enough space for storage of your kitchen. Remember that it is very important to keep your open space very clean and tidy because you are likely to see all the mess. Here are some original kitchen design ideas open to the dining room in pictures:

Red kitchen and wood

open kitchen red white island design wood

Open kitchen on the dining room

kitchen open to dining room white green

Floral decoration

kitchen open to dining room

Kitchen with elegant decoration

kitchen open to dining room idea

Kitchen with central wooden island

open kitchen on dining room deco

Elegant open kitchen decorating idea

open kitchen on modern dining room

Open traditional kitchen design

open kitchen concept

Modern kitchen with lacquered surfaces

modern open kitchen

Deco ultra modern open space

kitchen open plan dining room

Small open kitchen with dining room

open wood kitchen dining room

Deco idea of ​​open kitchen in wood

open wood kitchen traditional style

Open kitchen design on the dining room

kitchen design white dining room

Open space decoration with kitchen and dining room

contemporary design kitchen

Elegant open kitchen

kitchen modern design dining room

Open kitchen of contemporary design

ultra modern design kitchen

Idea of ​​open kitchen decor

elegant kitchen dining room

Minimalist kitchen decor with dining room

minimalist kitchen white gray

Modern wooden kitchen deco

open kitchen deco wood

Modern wooden kitchen decoration

open kitchen deco traditional wood

Modern open kitchen with large wooden dining table

open kitchen large wood table

open kitchen central island

kitchen open to dining tricks

open kitchen on dining room design

open kitchen on elegant dining room

kitchen dining room modern design

kitchen dining room original design

traditional wood style kitchen

deco kitchen minimalist design

white minimalist kitchen deco

deco modern kitchen white gray

deco open kitchen wood

open kitchen design deco

minimalist kitchen decoration central island

modern open kitchen decoration

decoration kitchen dining room

idea kitchen open plan

idea contemporary open kitchen

idee deco central island kitchen

idea white modern kitchen deco

idea open kitchen deco

idea deco open kitchen wood

idee deco contemporary open kitchen

idea deco open kitchen design

idea of ​​deco open kitchen central island

idea deco open kitchen dining room

original deco idea open kitchen

open kitchen ideas

modern open kitchen ideas

modern practice kitchen decoration idea

small open kitchen dining table

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