Toilet and bathroom decor: functionality and freshness

toilet idea deco mirror wall cabinet wooden plant composition frame

The water feature is a place that is often used. It is important to feel comfortable when taking a shower or bathing before going out.

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Once our bathroom and our well-appointed toilets, it will decorate them. If you are short of ideas, our selection is for you. Discover our gallery of 46 ideas from deco wc and bathroom, natural and modern, for an atmosphere of relax and unequaled comfort. We will emphasize more on the white and minimalist interiors.

Deco wc in minimalist style with flowers and original floor mat

toilet decoration idea plant floor rug blue cabinet white rectangular mirror

If you have a large space (bathroom and toilet included), you can install larger decorative items. In the example below, we present you a contemporary interior decorated with a red leather armchair, a large luminaire hanging design and a nice empty frame on the floor.

Toilet and bathroom deco: contemporary interior

deco bathroom idea black carpet hanging fixture

If you have large toilets, you can decorate the space around the sink. The installation of shelves can be a practical solution. You can then decorate them as in the example below. The arrangement of flower pots or bouquets of flowers is mandatory if you want to create a nature side in your water.

Idea WC decoration: decoration of the space around the sink

wc bathroom idea light fixture hanging design modern plant flowerpot deco frame shelf mirror

The truth is that toilets are a place that often has bad odors. A practical and decorative solution is plants and flowers. It is a natural decoration that will refresh the air in your toilet. Here are two vegetable decoration ideas for toilets:

Toilet decoration with plants

idea decoration design toilets wc shower cabin mirror

Another solution to fight against bad odors is to install aromatic candles. They exist in very different colors and shapes. You can choose yours according to the style of your interior.

Toilet decoration with original tiles

deco toilet idea original tile

If you are looking for a long-term decoration, installing a tile (as in the example above) or original wallpaper is a good practical solution. Installing shelves (the example below) is also a solution functional : you can put useful objects and decorative objects.

Gray interior with designer toilet and decoration with frames and plants

gray toilet idea deco frame shelves plants square mirror

Decoration in black and white and magazine rack

bathroom decor black and white toilet decoration idea

White and modern interior decorated with some magazines and a plant

interior decor white modern sink white bathtub wall mirror

Decoration in minimalist style

interior white deco wc idea toilet plant frame

Black and white interior decorated with pendant light and design objects

decoration table idea small white table hanging luminaire design mirror frame black

Decoration with lamps in the shape of original balls

bathroom decoration idea light fixture hanging washbasin white deco plants yellow flowers

Nature side

decoration wc idea toilet plant design

decoration bathroom wc idea white flowers mirror frame wood fixture hanging design office black wooden

deco toilet mirror round floor rug brown furniture wooden toilet

deco wc idea fixture hanging design wood frame original sink coffee table wood

decoration minimalist style toilet idea lighting fixture hanging blue white towel design

modern interior bathtub plant palm deco original interior white

deco wc bathroom idea luxury big deco minimalist

deco wc idea sink design mirror flowers plants

deco wc idea shelves

decoration wc idea toilet flowers bouquet luminaire hanging composition of frames

toilet idea of ​​decoration modern tile shelves wood round mirror wooden furniture

decoration bathroom idea sink mirror parquet flowers

decoration bathroom idea flowers minimalist interior white bathtub

decoration toilet bathroom mirror wall towel yellow

deco wc floor mats brown design bathroom modern furniture

modern bathroom idea deco white tub modern mirror

deco wc idea black and white frame

deco toilet idea frame blue white modern design mirror frame white

deco bathroom toilet idea design wall

bathroom gray idea deco bathtub gray white plant

interior modern bathroom white gray plant tile

decorate bathroom wood plant mirror frame white decor idea wall green

decorate bathroom interior white idea modern shower cabin sink

decoration wc idea wooden furniture blue shelves wooden floor wood shower cabin

decorate toilet idea frame wall coffee table white towel

decorate bathroom black and white idea furniture wooden shelves plants

black bathroom decor idea floor mats white mirror shower

composition mirrors idea floor mat black

modern interior white bathtub modern design mirror cabinet wood plant palm

decorate toilet mirror round design plant

decorate modern toilet idea stone

decorate bathroom toilet idea flowers curtains green patterns floor mats white frame design

decoration idea floor carpet khaki plant rectangular mirror

toilet decoration idea mirror round bouquet red flowers towel original patterns

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