Toilet WC decoration: 50 original ideas

toilet gray toilet decoration

With this folder on toilet toilet decoration, we invite you to discover 50 images and original ideas to personalize this space of the house. Wall or plant decorations, ideas for colors or wallpapers, suggestions for styles and themes for the bathroom decor, that's what's on the agenda.

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Toilet toilet daring decoration with red wall

toilet red toilet decoration

We start with an idea that is easy to make and that will allow you to completely revamp the toilet toilet decoration in your home, if you feel like it: the color. Nothing is easier than changing the color of a wall in the bathroom. And yet, this little change could completely transform the look of the interior space!

Elegant toilet decoration with red

red toiletts deco ideas

Those who would like an original and interesting accent in their toilets could choose bright colors, such as red or green.

Toilet toilet decoration with contrasting paint colors

decoration toilet vintage toilet

They could also decide to play on the contrasts between colors. Darker tones on one side and lighter shades on the other, that's a formula that works every time! You see an example on the image above.

Toilet toilet decoration idea with wallpapers

decoration toilet toilet wallpaper

Light variation of our first idea, the second solution that we propose to you is to use wallpapers. Modern wallpapers are made of various materials. And this is information that should be taken into account by those who choose them for their toilets.

WC toilet decorated with modern wallpaper and shower room

decoration idea color wc

This is especially true for toilets and toilets that are in a bathroom; for this type of decoration, opt for a tapestry resistant to water to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Decorate the walls of his toilet toilets with wallpapers safely

wall deco toilet wallpapers

To decorate such a space with wallpapers, one will make sure to avoid the contact of this wall covering with the humidity. Remember to separate your shower room or bathtub from the rest of the interior space.

Toilet toilet decoration for small space

white and black toilet decoration

In addition to this small detail that must be paid attention, the wallpapers are perfectly suitable for the wall decoration of the toilet. They can help you give a chic or modern look to this space, according to your desires.

Example of toilet toilet decoration with green plants

decoration toilet toilet plant green

To customize the look of your toilet, you could also use green plants or flowers. In the small space toilet, try to harmonize the color of the flowers with one of the details in the rest of the room decoration.

Example of a toilet and a feminine style decoration

toilet decoration romantic style

For green plants, consider choosing plants that fit the lighting in the room. In the case of small toilets or bathrooms deprived of natural light, bet on the plants that can develop in this type of conditions.

Toilet toilet decoration of industrial style and green plants

toilet deco industrial design

Plants are a decorative solution that adapts very well to two-in-one spaces, with toilets and bathrooms in the same room. In a setting like this, opt for floral species that like humidity, like tropical plants.

Toilet decoration with green plant and gravel

decoration toilet plants bathroom

In addition, the decoration with green plants is characteristic of zen atmosphere interiors. It is a great idea for those who dream of a toilet and bathroom toilet decoration with such an atmosphere.

Toilet toilet decoration idea in vintage style and white color

vintage toilet toilet decoration

And precisely, an original way of customize your toilet is to choose a theme or a style of decoration. This solution could work as well in bathrooms with toilets as in a small room. What are the most popular styles or decorating themes for this space?

Vintage style toilet toilet decorating idea

beautiful small toilet deco

An example of bathroom and toilet deco that works very well is the vintage style. To get a deco of this type, you could bet on vintage furniture or white accessories. Wallpapers with retro motifs will contribute to a decor of this style.

Deco of zen toilets

decoration toilet bathroom zen

Another type of decoration that suits the toilets and bathrooms is the zen decoration. To create a zen atmosphere in your toilet or bathroom, use green plants that you can supplement with gravel, pebbles or wooden decorative elements.

Toilet deco with stone and wood

decoration wc industrial style

A third type of toilet and bathroom decoration, which is becoming more and more popular, is the industrial or industrial vintage style.

Vintage industrial style toilet toilet decoration idea

deco bathroom vintage-industrial design

To create an atmosphere like this, use furniture and retro metal and wood accessories, white or checkered tiles reminiscent of an old factory or subway station, and pale colors or shades. On the picture above, an example of such a decoration.

Modern decoration for toilet and toilet

toilet decoration ideas wc

Of course, one can also opt for a modern decoration. Succeeding a modern bathroom interior is daring intriguing solutions like hexagon tiles in black and white tones.

Toilet WC design by Karhard Architecture And Design

decoration wc toilet modern design

It is also not hesitating to introduce in its interior space new materials, such as concrete. This will give your decor a touch of ultra trendy industrial style.

Industrial deco for toilets and bathroom

design bathroom design

The toilets and toilets are a part of the house where you do not spend a lot of time but which can nevertheless impress with its decor. This is due to the fact that we find ourselves alone and that we are used to seeing a number of furniture and similar objects from one house to another.

Idea of ​​original toilets and industrial style decor

original toilet decor industrial style

But it is the personal interpretation that is used for the organization and storage of these objects that gives character to the interior. This is the secret of the successful toilet toilet decoration.

Oriental toilet toilet decoration idea

modern bathroom decoration

Also, the creation of an interior of this type invites to experiments and the association of colors and interesting accessories. In such a space, everyone is free to exhibit objects purchased during travel and decorations found in one of his favorite shops.

Some tips for creating an intriguing and remarkable toilet toilet interior

bathroom industrial decoration

And, for this decoration to be successful and noticed, there are some simple principles to respect. To begin, give a special importance to the cleanliness of the place.

White and blue toilet toilet interior decoration in rustic style

decoration toilet toilet style-rustic-white

Make sure the room is always flawless because no decor can compensate for a neglected interior from a hygienic point of view.

Stylish toilet deco idea

chic deco bathroom

Then try to limit the number of furniture and decorative objects in the room. This applies to both two-in-one spaces and small rooms. The accumulation of furniture and decorative accessories will have a negative effect on the atmosphere of such a space.

Stylish toilet deco idea

vintage bathroom decor

And, moreover, a toilet cluttered with furniture will be harder to clean and maintain. An essential point to consider!

deco small toilet wc

Third, think of the lighting of the room. Like the bathroom, toilets can pose problems of brightness. Some rooms lack light because of the lack of windows, others because of their small size.

Toilet toilet decoration idea in white and wood

white wood toilet ideas

However, lighting is an essential part of the decor of this kind of space. And this is easily explained by the fact that the luminaires contribute to the comfort of the people who use the room but also that they have the capacity to emphasize the components of its decoration. Use the lighting of your toilet in a clever way to complete the atmosphere of the room!

Toilet deco with patterned wallpaper

wall deco wallpaper toilet design

To discover other original ideas for personalization and toilet toilet decoration, see the photos below!

Pretty toilet decoration in female style

women's toilet decorations

Toilet toilet decoration with original lighting

bathroom decor lamps

Original decoration for small toilets

original toilet ideas

Decorative idea for toilet wall

interesting toilet wall deco

Toilet and WC decoration with original accent

decorate your toilet original wc

Example of zen and nature toilet deco

red bathroom deco zen toilet

plant bathroom deco toilet monochrome

original toilet decor

deco green plants bathroom zen

industrial style toilet decor

deco mural toilet painting

modern toilet decoration

decoration toilet original toilet

decor toilet interesting toilet

idea decoration wc toilet

green plant bathroom decoration

original bathroom deco

deco toilet small space

deco wc green plants bathroom

decor wall wc table deco

industrial bathroom design

deco toilet ideas colors bathroom

deco toilet original

deco wall bathroom orange color

blue toilet and bathroom fittings

ideas for decorating your toilet

modern bathroom decor

decoration toilet white toilet-modern-tiling-trend

decoration wc toilet idea-trend-interior

decoration wc toilet wall tile-wall-trend-mosaic

decoration wc toilet wallpaper-black-and-white

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