Toxic plants: pretty and dangerous

plants toxic-datura

The plants at home, it's always worth it. For some it is a form of love for beauty and nature, for others a real need. Indoor plants are important because they regularly cool the air.

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Did you know that a lot of tropical houseplants are actually poisonous? Discover in twenty-five photographs, the poisonous plants the most common ways to know how to avoid the risk of poisoning your children and your pets .

Toxic plants: Clivia flowering miniata

poisonous orange plant clivia miniata

In the following lines we will get acquainted with some toxic houseplants. Native to the tropical areas of America. The Datura inoxia is a great plant for its pretty white flowers, but beware, it is completely poisonous! It contains alkaloids with deadly effects for humans and animals.

Datura innoxia

poisonous plant datura innoxia white

The clivia, an attractive plant for its orange-red flowers and sweet scent, is native to South Africa. Its leaves and its root are toxic. The bulbs contain alkaloid called lycorin.

Clivia Miniata

dangerous orange plant Clivia miniata

Euphorbia pulcherrima is native to Central America. This plant photoperiodic flowers when the days are short. It has lactic channels. People allergic to latex should be careful.

Euphorbia pulcherrima

poisonous house plant attention red

Rhododendrons, also known as azaleas, are evergreen. They are typical for mountainous regions. Some sources report that honey produced by flowers is toxic. In fact, these leaves contain a dangerous glucoside.

Pretty plant ... toxic!

indoor plant toxic apartment Rhododendron

Aloe vera, often used in medicine and cosmetics, is also a plant who can make allergic. In fact, one study has shown that ingestion of leaf extract has an irritating effect. It is carcinogenic. The aloe leaves contain aloin. This substance is dangerous. You have to tell the difference between the whole leaf and the aloe gel found in cosmetics and medical products. By cutting the aloe vera leaf, you will see a runny yellow liquid. This is called aloin or the sap of Aloe.

Aloe vera : beware of aloin

toxic fatty plant inside aloe vera

Aloe vera: beware of allergies

toxic plants aloe vera indoor plant

Rhododendron pink

toxic garden plant Rhododendron

Rhododendrons red and pink

flowering plant toxic pink red Rhododendrons

plants toxic: Amaryllis

poisonous plants flowering houseplant amaryllis princess

Floral and toxic houseplant: Datura Innoxia

toxic home flowering plant

Flowering and poisonous houseplant: Rhododendron

flowering plant house apartment

Houseplant Philodendron

indoor toxic plant Philodendron

Kalanchoe daigremontiana

poisonous plant cactus

Chrysanthemum indicum

toxic yellow plant idea Chrysanthemum indicum

Cyclamen persicum

dark pink plant toxic child animals

Caladium hortulanum

toxic house plant caladium hortulanum

Hedera helix

poisonous tropical houseplant Hedera helix

Toxic indoor plant: Amaryllis

poisonous plants inside red apartment Amaryllis

Euphorbia milii

poisonous plant house animals child Euphorbia milii

Clivia miniata: pretty, but toxic

indoors poisonous plant clivia orange red

Monstera Deliciosa

toxic plant house monstera deliciosa


poisonous plant Dieffenbachia

Anthurium andraeanum

dangerous plant dog cat child Anthurium andraeanum

Codiaeum variegatum

poisonous poisonous plant Codiaeum variegatum

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