Trend hairstyle 2019 - come and discover them through the fashion shows for the year to come!

trend hairstyle 2019 idea-cut-woman

After examining the makeup trends for the coming months, we are now turning to the 2019 hairstyle trend. To find out in detail, we are once again drawing inspiration from the fashion shows for the following year.

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Trend hairstyle 2019 - explore the fashion shows!

What about haircuts, colors and hairstyles trend for 2019? Here is what we will discover in the following lines.

trend hairstyle 2019 hair-pink-color

Today we have compiled for you a collection of images of fashion shows for the year 2019. And that, with a special focus on the trend hairstyle 2019! Because a new year brings many new opportunities to change hairstyles, we offer a series of ideas to represent ideas that appeal to you. In summary, the return of pins, micro-braids of the 90s, the original hair color and many more. Let's examine them without delay!

Trend hairstyle 2019 for spring

trend hairstyle 2019 woman-cut-ideas

Once again, at the beginning of 2019, we zoom in on the 2019 hairstyle trend for the spring summer season. Girls, get ready. The time is up to the 2019 hairstyle trend analysis and chic looks ideas!

woman Hair-long-hair-trend-2019

In this regard, the Fashion Weeks reveal us a whole series of images. For the fall-winter period from 2018 to 2019, there are many original hairstyles and dazzling hair colors. Autumn is an enigmatic and dynamic renovation season. The creators took the opportunity to reimagine their collections.


As for spring, the 2019 hairstyle trend is still moving towards the positive. They encourage us to try unexpected hair colors, tattoos and unconventional silhouettes!

Trend hairstyle 2019 with an original and unexpected color

color-of-hair trend-2019

For starters, we are interested in fun haircuts and hairstyles and hair colors. On this subject, let us say that the pastel and neon colors are one of the great characteristics of the fashion collections for the year to come.

trend hairstyle 2019 idea-color-hair

A look with this hair color is not for everyone, that's for sure. But it is also an idea of ​​trend nuance that intrigues and seduces. In fact, as far as this 2019 hairstyle trend is concerned, the fashion shows follow the girls who have already adopted this trend!

trend hairstyle 2019 color-hair-woman

The neon color and bob cut marry perfectly. It is a variation of the traditional and elegant hairstyle that has been presented as a trend for the coming year. Shades of yellow, pink and neon purple seduce those who dream of a look really intriguing!


Jeremy Scott is one of the designers who has looked into this trend. To present it, he bet on futuristic looks and on ideas of outfits that make us think of travel in space. The collection of Nicopanda, meanwhile, presented us a fresh and urban declination of this hairstyle trend 2019.

trend-woman-hair-color hair-2019

At Marc Jacobs, shades of pink and fuxia were worn with more or less classic bob hairstyles. Alexander Wang has opted for straight hair hairstyles inspired curiously androgynous and very original!

The red girls can boast of their natural color and their beautiful haircuts because this is another trend

trend hairstyle 2019 woman-style-retro

One of the makeup trends for this year is the natural look. No wonder it also consists of a 2019 makeup trend.

In fact, this season, women are encouraged to adopt their natural hair color. Instead of trying to change what nature has given you, try working with what you already have. Take advantage of them, highlight them and incorporate them into your favorite look!


This season, red hair was everywhere in fashion shows. And that did not stop creators from using shades and colors to complete them!

If you're lucky enough to have red hair, look no further this year! Instead, focus on your natural hair!


In the Boss collection, red hair has impressed with their bright color and striking contrast with their black outfits. At Ann Demeulemeester, red hair was austere, minimalist and architectural. Guy Laroche has highlighted this shade of hair with refreshing and original looks.

Trend hairstyle 2019 with dark brown hair

trend hairstyle 2019 idea-woman-long-hair

Another trend 2019 hairstyle is on shades of dark brown. This spring hair color may not be so surprising. Especially if one thinks of the fact that it began to assert itself already during the last months of 2018!

hair-woman-long trend-hair-2019

Dark brown is a traditional aspect of the coldest months. But this time, it will also be appreciated in the spring. With a warm base, it adapts to most skin tones and spring-like outfits. These shades also offer a great way to explore silhouettes and looks away from the conventional. In addition, they blend perfectly with shades of dark shades, light colors and natural tones.


At Moschino, we opted for hairstyles with a lot of volume to highlight these nuances. Valentino's models walked the podiums of Fashion Week with trendy hairstyles in light shades of brown mocha.

Trendy hairstyle 2019 with dark blond hair


Last trendy color that we are considering today: the dark blond. The dark blond with dark roots was another color very present in the 2019 hairstyle trend. The color goes perfectly with the general atmosphere of the season. It is also ideal for any kind of easy hairstyle and to highlight a natural mane.


This natural color is perfect for spring and summer days. The blond hair caressed by the sun has beautiful natural shine that must absolutely highlight.


These natural shades of blond are perfect for casual hairstyles. They are also ideal for those with slightly wavy manes. If you are lucky enough to have hair of this color, do not miss to enjoy their chic and feminine brilliance!

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