Trendy bedroom painting: dare wide stripes!

painting bedroom adult stripe deco

For a painting room original, have you ever thought about scratches? The appearance of walls of the room is a point on which much has been written, in fact we must find the delicate point of balance between a rather neutral environment and serene, which promotes the rest, and an original decoration of which one can be proud, at the risk that it is moved with regard to the bedroom.

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painting room: go for the scratches!

painting room parent idea stripes house luxury

A bedroom painting that incorporates stripes is a trend solution and elegant to this dilemma, it's a good balance between order and contrast, which adds a structural element and texture to the walls of the room. This is an opportunity to bring a pattern that repeats without adding to the atmosphere, as it may be the case with more screaming or less discreet reasons.

a pattern that repeats itself harmoniously

painting adult bedroom house reve deco yellow gold

This is a simple way to design bedroom painting, which is inexpensive compared to more sophisticated decorated walls, and blends harmoniously with most bedroom styles. The stripes can be applied in different ways, they can beautify any wall, and create a strong aesthetic impact while adding additional combinations to your color scheme.

create an aesthetic impact

painting room scratches example application

For those who are not too tempted to paint these stripes, there is also the possibility to create them using wallpaper , which is also part of the latest trends, and is making a comeback in interior design. Wallpaper collage may be more accessible to most home DIYers, where to paint beautiful stripes, you will not have to exceed lines and use painter's tape. But a bedroom painting with stripes remains unmatched for the elegance that emanates from it. See our selection of photos to decide in which direction you want your stripes: horizontal or vertical?

striped wallpaper

painting bedroom color wallpaper stripes

Bedroom decoration with accent wall and striped paint

original deco idea

Bedroom interior with striped wall

stripes wallpaper

Striped bedroom and paint decoration: blue and white

elegant elegant wall decoration

Child's room photo with painted striped wall

trendy bedroom wall decor

vertical stripes more suitable for low ceilings

pink gray wall decoration

horizontal stripes to bring together a high ceiling

modern design room

ideal even in a child's room

wall decoration bedroom girl

many effects are possible

rich wall decoration colors

fancy stripes

stripes wallpaper

combination of stripes in pink and black

original wall decoration

bed head scratches

painting modern style bedroom

elegant bedroom decor

painting room mix textures

stylish chic bedroom painting

specific area delimitation

painting horizontal stripes room

painting bedroom girl stripes

modern bedroom wall decor

wall decoration design wallpaper

gray stripes bedroom paint

vertical stripes low ceiling

painting room widens palette colors

painting room vertical patterns

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