Trendy color 2015-2016 and interior design

modern trend color 2016

If you are renovating your home, you can take inspiration from one or more trendy colors for the 2015-2016 period and its new look. Below, we offer a sample of trendy colors for this period with decorating ideas for different spaces of the house: kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room and bathroom.

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Trend color 2015-2016: the blue

color trend blue living room

One of the trend colors for 2015-2016 is blue. In shades lighter or darker, it is no longer reserved for the bathroom, where it reminds us of the color of the sea and the ocean, but crosses the spaces to become a choice of wall painting for the living room . We find this same nuance in the kitchen decor and even in that of the bedroom, where it brings a calm atmosphere.

Trend color 2015-2016: neutral shades

Trendy color neutral shades living room

Another idea of ​​trendy colors for 2015-2016: pastel and neutral shades. In the living room, in the kitchen and in the bathroom, we like the look of neutral shades and the calm and zen atmosphere they bring. Neutral colors, such as white, black and gray, are timeless and suitable for any space. Moreover, they are easy to harmonize with all the other nuances!

Trendy color and lounge in neutral and red shades

trendy modern living room color

Finally, if you are looking for ideas for a trendy decoration of your home, know also that the period 2015-2016 is marked by the presence of geometric shapes. We find them everywhere, from the ground, that we could decorate with a Scandinavian design rug , to the ceiling of the rooms and even in the kitchen or the bathroom. And, because of their classic look, they blend perfectly with any color. You can discover all the decorating ideas with a trendy color 2015-2016 in the gallery below!

Trendy colors for cooking: light gray

trendy color light gray kitchen

Trendy interior decoration in neutral shades

trend neutral color wall decoration

Blue - a perfect color for the bedroom decor

colors blue paint room trends

Neutral living room decor with accent wall in dark gray

colors trends neutral paint salons

Living room decoration with accents in red

color decor lounges neutral shades

Living room with walls in light gray and designer sofa

colors idea decoration living room painting light gray

Trendy color 2015-2016: salon in neutral shades with geometric accents

idea painting lounges geometric design

Living room with decoration in neutral shades and geometric motifs

trends painting lounges geometric decoration

Decor for living room with geometric shapes in brown and white

color painting living room brown deco geometric

Trendy color for living room decoration

geometric decoration living room modern colors

Trendy color and kitchen decoration idea

kitchen color trend deco neutral shades

kitchen color trends geometric deco

bathroom color trend deco geometric pattern

color trend geometric deco black white

color trend idea deco rooms blue

color trend deco living room painting blue

decoration pastel colors trendy colors

trend color modern salons blue paint

hot color trends 2015-2016 decoration modern living rooms

color deco trend 2015 2016 idea painting salon

color decoration living room design 2016

color neutral kitchen paint trends

trend colors 2015-2016 kitchen wallcovering

kitchen colors neutral paint trends

color ideas of modern kitchens

colors gray kitchens trend wall decoration

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