Trendy decoration: pompons and tassels!

decoration trend wall catchy dream urban outfitters

Did you realize that lately pompoms and tassels are invading our interiors? They are more and more present in the contemporary interior design, the trendy decoration and fashion.

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A little kitsch and a little funny, these funny objects are loved by many people. They possess an inexplicable charm. Maybe it's because they remind us of childhood? Or is it because there is a sensation of movement? An element of interior which often has pendants, it is the cushions! In jewelery as well as in fashion, tassels are always trendy and original. Today, we are going to present you some ideas of interior decoration with pompoms: cushion with catch-dreams!

Trendy decoration: white cushion "decorated" with tassels

Decoration trend cushion white modern ground carpet pompom plant

Cushions are the most common accessories with tassels. Have you ever heard of Moroccan cushions? Often, this type of cushion is suitable for interiors arranged in style boho chic. No matter if the cushions have patterns or not, the tassels and tassels give them a dimension of style. Above you can see an example of white cushion with tassels.

Golden cushion with black tassels

pillow cushion decoration trend modern interior

Here is another example of a golden cushion with gray tassels. It is an elegant and design object that will make your interior joeyux and design. As for the wall decoration, pompoms are also present! Here is an example of which you can see the tutorial Cathy Callahan X Washington Pottery Clay Wall Hanging .

Trendy wall decoration: ceramic and linen

trend decoration interior wall

Tassel Cushion with Tassels by Urban Outfitter

trendy decoration home interior cushion motif tassel

Wooden swing with tassels

modern decoration trend swing tassel

Cushion with embroidery and pompoms

deco idea interior living room cushion embroidery tassel chair wood

Blue cushion with white pattern with small black pom poms

cushion idea decoration trend pompoms

Garland of paper tassels

garland idea decoration trend modern home

Gray cushion with pompons

cushion with pompoms moelleux design idea deco interior living room sofa gray

Cushion Moroccan style

Moroccan cushion idea deco living room pattern

Decoration idea with a gift tassel

deco idea gift golden tassel

Very original decorative object by Beautiful Mess

modern interior design idea dream catcher in wool

Towel with white tassels

kitchen idea deco minimalist practical towel original tassel

Pampilles for festive atmosphere

idea party decoration festival garland paper

Hammock in mustard color with tassels

hammock idea tassel interior deco

Bathroom towel with tassels

bathroom towel towel decorate west-elm

deco idea interior towel tassels home decor

wall decoration tassel succulent plant vase

tassels decoration idea original design interior modern lamp

tassel deco idea baskets

red pompons dog embroidery wool cushion

modern home decor curtain tassel flowers decoration

kitchen decorating idea towel blue tassels design

blue towel pampaille idea decoration original wood house kitchen

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