Trendy hairstyle 2016 woman and man in 50 photos

2016 trendy woman and man hairstyles photos

Looking for inspiration for a 2016 trendy hairstyle? Discover 50 ideas of modern haircuts for women and men, to try absolutely! If you like to follow the fashion trends, you probably know that the hairstyle is essential for a modern look.

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Even a simple outfit, accompanied by a beautiful haircut, can help you change your appearance completely. The arrival of the New Year is precisely a period during which many people decide to change their dress style or hairstyle. There is something symbolic in such a decision. As if we wanted to take advantage of this beginning of the year to mark a new stage in our lives and react to implement all the good resolutions we have taken. Let's take a look at the looks that will help you feel chic and stylish in 2016!

Trendy hairstyle 2016 for women with medium-length hair

fashion hairstyle woman long hair trends

On the fashion podiums, everything seems to indicate that the new year will be very creative and full of innovations. Thus, for example, we discover and rediscover clothing and looks full of optimistic hues and imagination. These trends remind us in some respects the bohemian and hippie outfits of the 1970s. Haircuts follow this trend very closely: fresh and dynamic, they are often short or medium length, for both women and men.

2016 trendy hairstyle idea for men

trend hairstyle 2016 man short haircut

These cuts for men and women are very natural. They express the continual attachment of the world of fashion and design to that of nature and healthy living. To be fashionable in 2016, forget all that is too much and adopt an authentic look! Finish the hair too smooth or curls perfectly tidy. In their place, prefer hairstyles a little rebellious with their charm simple and pretty.

Trendy hairstyle 2016 for women: natural and pretty

modern hairstyle trends trendy hair color

Modern outfits in 2016 will also evoke the elements of nature: water, air, plants and fire. To be in harmony with the colors and patterns of clothing, think of a symbolic way to represent these elements through your hair: colors, accessories, braids or loops inspired by summer and the beach for those who do not wish to separate from their long manes.

Trendy hairstyle 2016 for men and modern outfit by Dolce & Gabbana

trend fashion hairstyle man 2016

Alongside this return to nature and the 1970s, another trend is slipping on podiums and street fashion: the look influenced by new technologies. As we know, for some decades, technologies and gadgets of all kinds are inseparable from the lifestyle of modern man. Today, they find their place in fashion and hairstyles. These must be easy to wear, for both men and women. After all, we live in a global and active society where we move a lot and we travel a lot for pleasure or for work. This is another novelty that will mark 2016.

2016 trendy hairstyle for women: short hair place

idea of ​​hairstyle woman trends 2016

Simple, natural and easy to wear, the hairstyles and trendy hair colors for 2016 are anything but trivial. In summary, to have a modern look in the New Year, bet on spontaneity! Here is the whole collection of hairstyles we have prepared for you:

Trendy hairstyle 2016 for modern man

fashion trends 2016 hairstyles man

2016 trendy hairstyle ideas for women with short hair

ideas woman trendy hairstyle2016

Modern hairstyle for women with long hair

idea hairstyle trend 2016 woman

Modern haircut for men in 2016

trends man modern hair cut 2016

Trendy hairstyle 2016 for men with shaved hair on the side

photo hairstyle trend 2016 haircut men

Trendy hairstyle 2016 for women and modern hair color

trendy hairstyle 2016 hairy women

Hairstyle for men: 2016 trends for short hair

Trendy man fashion trend 2016

2016 trendy men's haircut and official look

2016 trendy men's haircut

Trendy haircut for men with curly hair

2016 men's hair style hairstyle

Trendy haircut 2016: short hairstyle

trendy hairstyle 2016 hair women

Men's haircut and trends 2016

modern trendy men's haircut 2016

Photo of short haircut and trendy hairstyle 2016

short cuts woman hairstyle trend 2016

Trendy haircut image 2016 for men

men's hairstyle long hair trend 2016

Trendy haircut 2016 for women

short haircut hairstyle trend 2016 women

2016 men's short hair haircuts

trendance 2016 men's hairstyle idea

trendy hairstyle 2016 short hair woman

trend hairstyle 2016 women's cut

2016 men's trendy hairstyle pictures

2016 men's hairstyle trend hairstyle

trendy hairstyle 2016 woman cutting ideas

image hairstyle trend 2016 women's short haircuts

hairstyles trend 2016 cut woman short

fashion and trend 2016 women's cut

trendy long hair hairstyle 2016 modern man

trendy hairstyle woman 2016 cut hair short

hairstyles trend woman 2016 cut mid length

fashion trends 2016 haircut long hair

2016 women's fashion hairstyle

modern hairstyles trend 2016 men

modern hairstyles trend 2016 cut short man

modern hairstyles fashion man short hair

modern woman fashion trend 2016 hairstyle

fashion trends 2016 man hairstyle ideas

trend hairstyle 2016 man haircuts long hair

fashion man hairstyles 2016

hairstyles man 2016 cut long hair

hairstyle woman 2016 hair trends

2016 trendy long hair hairstyle

2016 trendy women's hairstyles

hairstyle woman trends 2016

2016 women's haircuts

hairstyle buckle trend 2016

2016 fashion long hair hairstyles

2016 trendy men's haircut

hairstyle woman trend modern idea

woman trend trend 2016 modern trendy hairstyle idea

modern trend hairstyle men's haircut

mid-length hair cut trend idea scarf

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