Trendy hairstyle for the spring-summer 2016 season

hairstyle woman trend long hair

Spring is coming and celebrities have already turned to their stylists for a new hairstyle or haircut . And you, have you already decided which haircut to choose for the new season?

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If not, then continue reading to discover some inspiring ideas for your new hairstyle woman trend for the summer of 2016. The year 2016 will undoubtedly be a year full of fashion trends and hairstyles, promise specialists, so do not hesitate to change to a new color or haircut!

Trendy hairstyle - a bun on the side

hairstyle woman trend bun rated

Let's start with the braids. On the catwalks of fashion weeks braids were seen in all shapes and styles. They were reminiscent of the wreaths that we see in the comic books Chanel , at the braid of Lara Croft at Aquilano Rimondi, and they formed elegant chignons at Dennis Basso. At the Chanel show in Seoul, hairdresser Sam McKnight tried 120 braids that looked like both Mickey Mouse and Korean nobility. The beauties of Aquilano Rimondi were inspired by the type of Tomb Raider, while the braids of Dennis Basso were inspired by the 19th century. When making braids in your hair, it is recommended to use a sprey based on salt that gives volume to your hair.

Woman's hairstyle idea inspired by the 70s

trendy woman hairstyle years 70

Another trend for summer 2016 is the hair put behind the ear. Long hair was put behind one of the ears in the Black Gold Diesel parades, Narcisco Rodriguez and Prabal Gurung. With fans like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Karadashian, you must definitely try this style too! To get that stylish look, start by drying your hair back behind the ears. Once dry, smooth your hair and finish with a little hairspray to fix them.

Interesting bun worn on the neck

modern chignon trendy woman hairstyle

Brands like Lanvin, Bally and Roberto Cavalli have taken inspiration from the past to recreate the 70s hairstyles. The hair was worn just below the shoulders with rock and roll fringes and ripples. For a 70s style, focus on creating texture when your hair is wet and try to wear fringed clothes.

Hairstyle with flowers in hair for spring

hairstyle woman trend flowers

Ballerina buns and loose knots on the head were seen in the parades of Adam Selman, Miu Miu and Alexander McQueen. The 2016 bun is tall and imposing, no matter if he is well coiffed or disheveled. Adam Selmant's collection was commercial with a luxurious sporty style that was largely softened by female chignons. Miu Miu's tousled buns were in keeping with his collection, while McQueen created a contrast between romantic designs and nonchalant buns. In spring or summer, choose the style of your bun according to your outfit.

Hairstyle with wavy hair

hairstyle woman trend loops

In 2016, the ponytails are worn low on the back of Alice + Olivien Stella McCartney and Boss. Generally with a trai in the middle, the low ponytail is a perfect hairstyle to stay fresh and sophisticated in the spring when it's getting hot. So do you have a clearer idea how to wear your hair for the new season? Here are some more suggestions in pictures:

Very interesting hairstyle with small braids

hairstyle woman trend 2016

Modern hairstyles with rays in the middle

trendy woman hairstyle middle stripe

Trendy hairstyle with braided hair

hairstyle woman trend idea

Casual style hairstyle

hairstyle woman trend modern idea

Stylish hairstyle idea for women

modern trendy woman hairstyle

Trendy hairstyle for medium length hair

hairstyle woman trend spring

hairstyle woman trend braids

hairstyle woman trend modern bun

hairstyle woman trend short hair

hairstyle woman long hair

hairstyle woman bun top

hairstyle woman behind ear

hairstyle woman idea bun

hairstyle woman summer idea

hairstyle woman tail high

2016 trendy hairstyle

hairstyle woman bun


hairstyle woman trend ripples

hairstyle woman trend low tail

hairstyle woman trend 2016

hairstyle woman trend braid front

hairstyle woman trend long braids

hairstyle woman braid idea

modern hairstyle hair curls

modern hairstyle elegant bun

stylish modern hairstyle idea

modern summer hairstyle 2016

modern hairstyle woman summer

modern hairstyle woman idea

modern hairstyle woman bun idea

hairstyle trend woman hair curls

hairstyle trend woman bun

hairstyle trend woman idea

trendy modern woman hairstyle

trendy hairstyle woman low tail

trendy hairstyle woman braid

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