Trendy living room decoration: 26 beautiful proposals

deco living room trend modern furniture idea

This publication will make you discover 5 beautiful proposals of trendy living room decor with colors, furniture and accessories modern and very chic. They are realized by the designers Sam Habbaba, Sergey Baskakov, Constatine Rybkin, Jordan Pierguidi, Iskren Marinov.

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Trendy living room decoration: modern living room painting idea

interior design ideas living room trend

Let's start with an interior in trend painting and pastel colors . The cool ambiance of this living room is achieved by a few yellow cushions and several other additional shades that appear in different corners of the room. The living room is a large open space but cozy organized in L.

Trendy living room decoration: contemporary design accessories

decorating lounge trendy interior design modern

Let's take a closer look at this interior and take the time to see the little accessories it contains: we are immediately impressed by the magnificent suspended luminaires. The wall deco boards, which occupy part of the vertical surfaces of the room, bring additional touches of color.

Trendy lounge decor and adjacent living room

decoration living room trend modern luminaires suspension

Green plants and brown fabrics are unifying elements of the living room and dining room areas. The large windows bring even more light to this interior dominated by white wall painting. The open cupboards are also white, so they blend with the mural.

Interior photo of modern design

deco lounge-trend-color-painting

Not all houses have large volumes and very high ceilings. So, both put these elements in value when we have! The geometric shapes, present through the luminaires, the furniture fabrics and the design of the latter, play an important role in balancing the interior.

How to organize space to gain more space for your living room

contemporary interior living room deco trend

If you want to gain more space for the layout of your living room, you can always try to reduce the size of your kitchen. It can be brought to the essentials and installed in a part connected to the living room but isolated from the eyes of the people who are there.

Trendy living room decor: invite nature inside

deco living room trend tv stand modern

Let's continue our tour of trendy salons with another room whose decoration aims to connect the interior to the outside. And why not, when you have a superb view of a beautiful outdoor garden?

Know how to take advantage of the space for a successful trendy salon decoration

photo deco living room trend modern stairs

Many modern houses have stairs that are in the middle of a living area. Knowing how to integrate these stairs in its interior is important to take full advantage of the surface of housing. The idea of ​​creating a small office space in the space below the stairs is always practical.

Deco living room trend: how to use an interesting carpet

deco living room trend modern rug accent wall

We know the tile checkerboard but did you know that there are also checkered carpets? They give the room an air more organized but also full of creativity.

Trendy living room decor: separate the space without cluttering it

trendy deco living room contemporary furniture

To separate the interior space into more intimate areas, decorators are increasingly using accent walls made of elegant and natural materials. They are used to divide the room without closing it completely.

Trendy living room decor: add colors to a minimalist design interior

deco living room trend furniture modern blue sofa

The minimalist interior is not necessarily monochrome: the accents of colors make this kind of pieces more lively and more joyful.

Textures, coatings and trendy living room color

decoration living room trend wood floor furniture design

In the absence of large decorative objects and ostentatious accessories, it is the surfaces and materials that attract attention. Choose them carefully if you want to produce a truly memorable effect.

Chic accessories for a trendy lounge decor

decorative living room trendy contemporary furniture chair

To add a touch of elegance to its interior, we will focus on designer furniture such as the Husk chair or Dioscuri luminaires. Even in small numbers, they will make the room more elegant and its decoration more personalized.

Design lighting and trendy living room painting

image living room design lighting lighting staircase modern design

Create a cozy and welcoming space

trendy deco living room color association

Enjoying all the corners of one's interior, it also means choosing a good lighting - natural or artificial - and by harmonizing with the wall colors of the room.

Playing with surfaces and shapes

coffee table glass living room trend design

Trendy living room decor with organic and elegant materials

deco trends interior leather sofas

Warm colors and organic materials like wood and leather blend perfectly. To highlight this perfect wedding, we will focus on a paint color in neutral shades.

Trendy living room decoration: design furniture

trendy color living room interior deco

Trendy living room decoration: idea of ​​original hanging luminaries

decoration dining room idea trend

Nowadays, suspensions are widespread in the decor of dining rooms.

Deco living room trend of minimalist design

image salon trend deco interior modern

Trendy living room decoration: color of paint and combination of shades

ideas living room modern deco trend

Another way to make the minimalist deco more interesting is to combine a color mural with white accents. The effect can be really interesting if this combination is completed by furniture in corresponding shades.

Green plants as trendy home decoration objects

design objects trend flower plants interior

Know how to put indoor plants in value

green plants interior deco trends stay

Green plants are an ideal accessory for an interior dominated by white color. Here, the beauty of this duo is highlighted by the wooden flooring.

Hanging lights design and interior decorating trends

trendy deco sejour modern fixtures

Photo of large open living room connected to a white kitchen and wood

interior deco idea kitchen open to living room

Trendy living room decor and interior design by Sam Habbaba, Sergey Baskakov, Constatine Rybkin, Jordan Pierguidi and Iskren Marinov

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