Trendy living room: what style of interior design to choose?

Scandinavian living room trend deco wall picture frame luminaire suspension

If you want to arrange or refresh your living room in an original and personalized way and you are lacking ideas, we invite you to discover our selection of interior of trendy lounge and modern furnished in different styles.

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In this gallery, there are examples of Scandinavian, minimalist, rustic and country-style living room interiors, vintage and retro as well as more feminine interiors in pink and white or more masculine in dark colors. Let us inspire you:

Trendy Scandinavian style lounge

trendy living room design minimalist Scandinavian design lighting

What is a modern interior and how to decorate and decorate it? The word "modern" is often associated with "trend". In recent times the Scandinavian style - often referred to as Nordic - is one of the most modern styles considered. The question is: what makes him so much loved by interior designers and design enthusiasts? It follows the course of time. In Europe, as well as in other countries, there is a strong urbanization. More and more people are living in the city and access to space is becoming difficult. Paris is the ideal example of a very intense city where squaring is more and more expensive. Having a small apartment is not easy. For this reason, it must be developed and opt for a functional design of a pleasant aesthetic. This will make the most of his small apartment. It does not matter, sometimes, if you live in a small or a big apartment. Functionality is one of the most sought after criteria by contemporary interior designers. To create a modern and original interior, you first have to think how to make it functional and comfortable. The next step is to think about the decorating style. The latter is actually a matter of personal choice based on your own tastes and preferences.

Trendy lounge decorated and decorated in a very elegant and balanced way with hipster touch (the bike!)

vintage living room deco wall idea frame sofa black table living room low design

Trendy lounge in white with purple accent

living room trend decoration design idea armchair purple sofa table glass design

Trendy lounge with pink armchair

modern living room idea design design armchair pink round white floor mat

Vintage lounge, industrial and hipster ...

living room trend retro modern design floor mats coffee table wood wall bricks

Living room minimalist with understated luxury touch

living room trend design sofa white design armchair interior modern living room lighting suspension design

Feminine and sweet interior

living room white sofa cushions design deco flowers roses coffee table glass

Eclectic Lounge

living room eclectic trend deco wall living room frames

Salon in style industrial

living room industrial style design sofa white design deco frames wall coffee table wood shelves

interior hipster living room modern idea layout small apartment

living room home furnishings idea chair flowers candles lighting fixtures chandelier

living room design idea corner sofa white light fixture hanging flowers bouquet coffee table floor mats white

living room trend modern hipster sofa cushions coffee table armchair living room open dining room

living room design modern futuristic corner sofa armchair deco modern coffee table wood

Elegant interior living room design idea deco mirror wall stool design pouf

living room minimalist design sofa cushion deco plant vegetation shelves

warm interior living room trend lighting sofa design armchair deco modern curtains living room idea

Trendy living room modern interior sofa floor mats coffee table black deco male

women's living room deco flowers living room idea design in pink white

contemporary living room design sofa white composition frames wall deco idea furniture design living room

living room design idea wall decoration with marble coffee table frame

living room rustic home sofa gray design deco flowers ideas

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