Trendy Nails 2015: From Babylon to New York


Do you want to dress your nails with pretty nuanced lacquer? Pastel, silver, graphic lines, these are the trends that we observed during the fashion week in New York this year.

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Check out our photo gallery of "behind-the-scenes" models, before scrolling for the biggest fashion designers, who pose to show what's the true nail trend 2015 of the spring-summer season.

Trendy nails 2015: light blue, Prabal Gurung

trend polish woman nail icb-prabal-gurung-spring-2015

Nail polish is a fashion accessory that comes to us in many different colors. At the time, nail polish was used occasionally. Nowadays, it is a fashion accessory in its own right. Its iconic red color is still fashionable, but now it exists in various shades. The nail polish nude and chic, the shading sober or neon, varnishes with red and pink hues mark the podiums in New York.

Trendy nails 2015: black with a silver graphic line, Carmen Marc Volvo

trendy color polish women carmen-marc-valvo-spring-2015

In fact, varnish has already been known in the city of Babylon. Originally, varnish was put to display the social rank of individuals. Middle-class people wore green polish, while black was the color of the upper classes. In Ancient Egypt, regardless of class or gender, everyone used henna to color their nails. Legend says that the two queens of beauty Nefertiti and Cleopatra varnished their nails in red. During the Middle Ages, this ritual had almost disappeared. He returns later, during the Renaissance.

Trendy nails 2015: pretty manicure in minimalist style

trendy nails 2015 elegant minimalist silver woman

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the Incas drew eagles and divine beings on their nails. It is in the seventeenth century that nail art becomes really popular and spreads. Different techniques have been used to arrive at the desired coloring: oils, colored creams, lemon juice, vinegar and others. In 1920, the first nail polish was created by makeup artist Michelle Ménard. It is inspired by the glossy paint used in car manufacturing.

Trendy nails 2015: flashy colors

trend nail 2015 fashion varnish colors

In 1932, Revlon offers, in supermarkets, a range of bright and colorful varnishes. Red lacquer became popular in the 1940s. Both Hollywood actresses Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth introduced it as a fashion accessory. The " French Manicure "appears in the 1970s. The art of decorating the nails (nail-art in English) is one of the greatest beauty trends of the beginning of this century.

Red nail polish: a classic must-have

varnish trend summer spring 2015 red nail polish

French manicure with trendy nail polish

color trend polish summer spring 2015

Mannequin posing for To detach

trend nail 2015 color of nail polish spring summer 2015

Minimalism and elegance trend, Delpozo

varnish trend color summer spring orange red marsala delpozo fashion

Alice and Olivia , spring 2015

trend color nail polish summer spring 2015

Nude color nail polish with decorative element

nail polish trend houghton spring 2015

The "French Manicure" became popular in 1970

fashion manicure essie fiji turquoise and caicos

French manicure in blue-purple

manicure trend blue color polish idea fashion zang you 2015

Light blue like the sky

spring summer trend manicure blue woman rebecca fashion

Nail polish and red lipstick: the color of passion

trend nails 2015 woman lipstick

White nail polish with black graphic line

fashion nail woman color white black varnish new york spring summer

Elegance and originality in silver

trendy nail woman varnish white silver new york week fashion

trend polish 2015 white fashion

fashion nail polish red woman fashion spring summer

nail polish trend 2015 marissa-webb fashion fashion

nail polish manicure trend summer 2015

trendy white color varnish fashion new york

trendy nail-varnish-color-zimmermann-spring-2015

trend nails 2015 fashion

trends nails woman manicure orange red modern spring 2015

spring summer 2015 trend nail polish color

trend nail polish white light blue design fashion

fashion week trend nail polish manikin karen walker

nail polish trend light blue fashion new york fashion

spring trend manicure woman color varnish

color polish summer idea trend nails fashion

polish color idea summer trend woman fashion new york fashion

varnish-color-blue-trend fashion

varnish trend woman summer spring manicure

trendy woman 2015 manicure modern nails

trend nails 2015 manicure white polish

trend polish fashion woman spring 2015 nail

idea color varnish woman fashion trend new york

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