Trendy wallpaper for a modern decoration

deco ideas trend wallpaper

Need ideas for the modern decoration of your walls? Check out this issue dedicated to the topic of trend wallpaper and find many suggestions! After a few decades during which wall tapestries were considered an impractical solution and certainly not very aesthetic, today's trend is to rediscover wallpapers .

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Currently, more and more owners and decorators are happy to take advantage of the wide range of tapestries to bring the interiors a chic and personalized look. For its part, the increase in demand for this kind of product is causing a sharp rise in the manufacture and design of original wallpapers. Here are three trends that are observed in the world of fashion and interior design, which will certainly be repeated in the field of this kind of wall decoration.

Trendy wallpaper and vintage style decoration

deco trend vintage wallpaper

The first trend we will look at is the return of the 1970s look and a vintage look that will dominate the world of fashion, hairstyles and interior design in 2016. If you love decorative objects and retro furniture, do not hesitate to adopt a wallpaper marked by this trend. Her tapestries with floral motifs and bright colors are typical for her and can be perfectly adapted to any room in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Our advice for decorating in this successful style: pay attention to how you will combine wallpapers and furniture. Try to find the right balance between bold colors and neutral tones in the room.

Trendy wallpaper: imitation wood look

trend imitation brick wallpapers

The second trend that will mark, it seems, the year 2016 puts nature in the spotlight. The wallpapers inspired by it are decorated with rich floral motifs in color, but also with various representations of elements of nature, such as flowers and large plants. They also imitate the appearance of natural and noble surfaces, such as stone and wood, as in the picture above. Thanks to their fresh and authentic appearance, these tapestries will successfully conquer not only your living room but also your bedroom or even that of your child.

Trendy modern style wallpaper by Graham Brown

modern design wallpaper

You do not like wall coverings with too bright colors? In this case, you will probably like our third suggestion that is influenced by the contemporary way of life. The wallpapers that belong to it bear the imprint of the active and dynamic lifestyle. In other words, they are characterized by geometric patterns of different sizes. The range of tapestries with this kind of decoration is huge: with or without 3D effect, printed symmetrically or asymmetrically or even dominated by neutral shades or metallic hues.

Trendy wallpaper in pale tones

wall deco trends

As you can already see, modern wallpapers offer a lot of possibilities for original and personalized wall decoration. So what is the trend you prefer: vintage, natural or contemporary? Find the best solution for your home with the photos in the collection below:

Decoration trend with geometric wallpaper

trend deco wall geometric wallpapers

Trendy tapestry for bathroom

trendy bathroom wallpaper

Vintage tapestry and wall decor

vintage wall deco tapestries

Trendy tapestry and large floral pattern

tapestries floral patterns

Trendy wallpaper for bedroom

trendy adult bedroom wallpaper

Trendy wallpaper and wall deco for nursery

trendy deco rooms kids wallpaper

Wallpapers for modern wall decoration

modern wall tapestry

Wallpaper and chic wall decor

modern wall tapestry

Trendy wallpaper for modern bedroom and geometric pattern

idea deco modern rooms geometric patterns

Wallpaper with geometric pattern and modern wall decor

modern geometric wall deco tapestries

Trendy Modern Style Wallpaper by Graham Brown

modern design wallpaper ideas

Modern wallpapers in red and black

modern wall wallpaper

Trendy brown and white wallpaper

modern decoration wallpaper

Vintage style trendy wallpaper

trendy retro deco wallpaper

Trendy wallpaper for living room

living room trend wallpaper

deco wallpaper trend bathroom

trend wallpaper geometric patterns

trendy wallpaper patterns

trendy wallpaper colors

modern deco trend wallpaper

vintage interior decoration trendy wallpaper

trend wallpaper tapestry imitation stone

vintage trendy deco style wallpaper

Scandinavian interior deco wallpaper

wallpaper deco wall living room trends

wallpapers trendy deco room baby girl

wallpapers trend deco design

Trendy baby boy bedroom wallpaper

luxury trendy bedroom deco wallpaper

trendy wallpapers baby rooms

modern wallpaper living room decoration

wallpapers deco black white

3d design wallpapers

wallpaper 3d wall deco ideas

wallpapers 3d effect trend deco walls

wall decoration ideas

wall decoration ideas wall tapestries

idee deco living room floral tapestries

deco wall tapestry modern geometric patterns

wall covering modern tapestries

color taupe trend wallpaper living room

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