Turn your basement into a home theater!

home cinema white shades for an elegant look

We often talk about summer holidays in the sun, shaded patios or even deck chairs perfect for basking in the sun, but the fact is that we are still in February and the sun is still shy.

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So this article is dedicated to those long rainy Sundays where going out is not necessarily an enviable option. Even if a walk to the cinema seems difficult, here is the solution: a home cinema laid out in your basement!

home theater furnished with velvet furniture

superb home theater lighting dimmed velvet furniture

This is of course an option reserved for lovers of cinema but also luxury and refinement. Having a home theater often involves the presence of high technology, a plasma screen and a hi-fi, but a bit like everything else in life, you sometimes need to invest to achieve the desired result. Today, our goal is not necessarily to make you spend money, but to inspire you and to make you discover several options to arrange your basement.

large basement furnished in a luxurious style

vast basement transformed into a luxurious rest area

If you have a windowless space and you have no idea about how it's laid out, here is one. A windowless interior is the ideal space for an entertainment room where the screen is the center of attention. If you like billiards, why not add a pool table to your pool subsoil , or a bar with some stools? This reconversion may attract most of your friends and turn your evenings into unforgettable moments! Do not forget the outside world ...

Luxurious home theater dotted with golden touches

ultra sophisticated decor with a luxurious carpet golden touches

rustic basement that looks like a log cabin

rustic log cabin style decor rustic look

entertainment room decked out with a red pool table

superb home theater with a pool table

wall sconces and a backlit ceiling add character

relaxation area with wall sconces and backlit ceiling

subdued atmosphere with recessed ceiling lighting

soft lighting and leather furniture for a sophisticated look

charming home theater with a custom bar

home theater arranged with a bar made to measure

leather furniture and light garland concealed in the ceiling

home theater furniture ultra comfortable furniture

basement refitted in contemporary home cinema

small basement furnished sophisticated style

interior with terraces blue and white walls

wall-mounted television and wooden bookcase

sophisticated decor black chic leather furniture

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