TV cabinet library design in 50 inspiring ideas

tv cabinet bookcase design casters modern world houses armchair black leather floor mats gray

Some like to watch movies, others prefer to read books ... How can we combine these two activities in contemporary interior design? The answer: TV cabinet library !

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If you have a television at home and you do not know where to put your books and magazines, then this article is for you. We invite you to discover our selection of 50 examples of TV cabinet with integrated library. It's chic!

TV cabinet wood design, Maisons du monde

furniture TV library modern design idea houses around the world

What is your favorite design style? You are more industrial style, minimalist style or style classical ? In our gallery of ideas of TV furniture with bookshelves or shelves integrated, you will find furniture for all tastes of various styles. Here is a TV cabinet vintage style all metal. It is elegant, functional and with an aged finish. It bears the name Stalingrad. Its industrial look combines style and robustness. Ideal for a loft or an apartment furnished in industrial style, it can store books, CDs and DVDs with its two shelves and two doors. Available at Houses of the world .

Industrial design TV cabinet, for sale at Maisons du monde

tv cabinet bookcase design idea living room modern furniture armchair red deco industrial style

In addition to offering a space dedicated to your screen, this wooden bookcase offers a space reserved for television and multiple storage spaces thanks to these shelves and drawers. It is made of solid oak wood: material that will bring warmth to every inside . Its simple and elegant design makes it ideal for vintage-style lounges and modern interiors.

Large library and TV cabinet in both vintage style wood, Maisons du monde

interior modern living room design furniture wooden shelves deco chair white design fixture wood suspension

This TV stand solid wood offers you a space dedicated to television, plus three drawers to classify CDs, DVDs and a space to store books and magazines. Small, elegant and functional in a sleek style, it is suitable for all interior styles.

Small Wooden TV Stand, Maisons du monde

tv cabinet design wood shelves storage armchair white houses of the world

Very artistic and original, this TV cabinet with wheels is made of coated textile. Its black color makes it very chic. It is ideal for a contemporary environment as well as a vintage environment.

Design TV cabinet with casters, Maisons du monde

interior modern design tv stand modern casters interior decor red wall lamp design idea modern decor

Industrial inspiration, this wooden TV cabinet with black elements is named Long Island. It combines natural wood and sober metal. Its contemporary look makes it ideal for modern interiors, but it can also adapt to a vintage environment.

TV cabinet and bookcase in wood and metal, Maisons du monde

furniture wood metal design houses of the world television idea interior living room

Maisons du monde is an online design platform that defines itself as "style office". Throughout the year, a team of contemporary design specialists offer collections of exceptional furniture and decorative objects and designs: made in France, artisanal and environmentally friendly. They are all available online and can be delivered to your home within four weeks. Returns are free. Discover the rest of TV design furniture ideas and choose the one that tempts you the most:

Vintage inspired interior with design TV cabinet, Maisons du monde

furniture TV design modern armchair red decoration wall interior houses of the world

Our favorite: this TV stand in yellow named Cabin. Its industrial design seduces gently lovers of furniture a little funky. Its style of manufacture and its mustard yellow color will impress your guests. He imitates a maritime container. There are only three left in stock. Hurry!

TV cabinet library design industrial style, Maisons du monde

tv cabinet bookcase design vintage style modern interior living room houses of the world

This piece of furniture imitates a maritime container

tv cabinet library design modern style vintage interior houses of the world

Library TV stand in mustard yellow, Maisons du monde

tv cabinet vintage library modern design layout living room modern wall bricks world homes

Modern industrial style living room with design TV cabinet, Maisons du monde

furniture TV design modern industrial interior design floor mats white coffee table casters deco interior living room black

Modern wooden cabinet, Maisons du monde

wooden furniture modern design idea design living room design decoration idea living room interior

tv cabinet library design solid wood modern houses of the world design living room modern deco wall idea plant

tv cabinet bookcase design armchair leather design modern idea design living room design

furniture tv library industrial design modern houses of the world decoration idea modern layout

tv cabinet metal library design interior modern furniture design living room houses of the world

tv cabinet bookcase design sliding door modern homes of the world deco table lamp

TV cabinet design modern wood wallpaper living room idea television vintage modern


furniture-tv design modern industrial style deco wall idea design

tv cabinet bookcase wood design furniture living room modern television idea shelves

tv cabinet solid wood bookcase design furniture living room modern armchair tiling minimalist modern wood shelves houses of the world

Scandinavian style interior with solid oak vintage TV cabinet, Maisons du monde

tv cabinet wood metal design idea layout modern living room interior modern design houses of the world

furniture tv design wood idea furniture living room industrial style wall bricks coffee table

TV cabinet library design idea modern interior deco industrial style

furniture living room design TV cabinet design wood modern idea floor rug gray cushions deco houses of the world

modern furniture design wood idea interior design living room deco wooden floor

interior living room furniture idea furniture modern deco lamp

modern interior design tv cabinet wood living room deco wallpaper coffee table wood

furniture wood tv design idea decor wall painting houses of the world white lamp

furniture design vintage wood metal idea deco style industrial interior modern parquet wood

modern interior modern design oak furniture drawers idea houses of the world

interior design living room idea design furniture wood design deco living room original

interior living room design modern deco living room idea furniture furnitures tv

idea library tv cabinet design wood ikea cheap

furniture living room tv idea industrial design modern deco barak7

furniture design modern ali express tv cabinet cheap wood

interior living room Scandinavian style idea TV cabinet wood design

modern interior design floor rug sofa cushions idea storage design

furniture tv design wood design living room idea decoration homes worldwide

furniture tv design coffee table wood living room deco armchair white design houses of the world

furniture tv wooden design furniture idea solid wood deco houses worldwide

bookcase living room wood design shelves modern sofa white cushions coffee table wood armchair modern

corner furniture solid wood corner design idea living room design design houses of the world

modern interior tv stand wood design idea living room furniture modern deco houses of the world

tv stand design idea furniture bookcase floor mats armchair leather furniture tv black industrial style

tv stand design idea interior design modern metal tv houses of the world

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