Twenty decorating ideas for a different living room

Table deco-room-decor-sofa palm

The decoration of your living room is a complicated task. Here is twenty ideas to decorate and decorate your living room, and make it a nice and original room to live which your friends will not want to leave!

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Decoration Design: the light plays an important role in the overall atmosphere of your living room

decoration-design living-room-relaxation

The living room is one of the main rooms in each apartment. This is the space that represents your understanding of style and design. It is not always easy to have a different decoration. Originality is not a question of means, but a question of taste. Our visual ideas can inspire you to transform your living room into a more contemporary style.

White walls and paintings: always good together

living-dining-living room-table-art-sofa carpet


Light Gera Light System: for a soft and mysterious lighting



Decorative design object: "From Russia with love" rugs from Jan Kath , colorful and original for a living and happy living room

design living room carpets jan kath from russia love scarlenka

living room design from russia with love by jan kath

deco appart house carpet design from russia with love by jan kath

A true work of art in your living room: the carpet of the Italian designer Alessandro Mendini

home decor design room room alessandro mendini

Plants: an important element for a fresh atmosphere

Chinese silk flower house home decor


living walls-photos-closet-flower-vase


Living room in African style: wooden objects

deco-design-yellow walls tables Lounge

Even in winter, it's spring

wall deco design painted floral pattern

Design lounge in Mediterranean style

living room-design-deco-style-meditaranee-table-lamp

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