Ukraine hotel with a modern, colorful and dynamic interior

hotel Ukraine idee deco

The Polish design studio EC-5 Architects , specializing in hospital interiors architecture, designed the hotel Ukraine modern in the city of Lviv called Ibis Styles Lviv Center.

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This new hotel gives a cooler look to the city that is usually associated with its historic buildings. A modern approach to embroidery motifs is used to decorate walls, carpets and tiling in the bathrooms of the building. hotel .

This beautiful Ukraine hotel is fully decorated in bright colors

hotel Ukraine reception hall

According to Luiza Jodłowska, the studio's chief architect, the design of the hotel was an interesting experience for the entire team of architects. Lviv is a magical city where tradition merges with modernity and this unique blend enriches the atmosphere of the city. It is also this atmosphere that has become a source of inspiration for architects.

Decoration of the reception of the hotel located in the city of Lviv in Ukraine

hotel Ukraine interior decoration

On each of the eight floors of the hotel, one can find decorative elements inspired by contemporary urban life, including bicycles, railways, old school benches and street lamps. Bright colors on a lively background, wooden elements in combination with modern lighting fixtures, irregularly shaped reception desks and original design furniture create an energetic touch in the interior of the hotel. Look at these beautiful pictures:

Hotel reception with design desks and original wall decoration

Ukraine hotel interior modern deco

The decor of the hotel is inspired by the architecture of the city of Lviv

hotel Ukraine decoration furniture

Wall decoration with modern embroidery patterns

hotel Ukraine office reception idea

Hotel room in happy colors

modern hotel deco Ukraine

Hotel room with accent wall in purple

bedroom decoration hotel

Decoration of hotel room design

bedroom hotel deco

Modern bedroom wall decoration idea

modern bedroom hotel

Hotel room with wall decoration in gray and purple and modern carpet in blue shades

deco bedroom hotel

bathroom deco hotel

deco hallway modern hotel

interior decoration hotel idea

interior modern hotel ukraine

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