Ultra-fast spinning mini-oven by Roccbox

rotating heat oven ovens

Roccbox is a ultra-fast rotating posable mini-oven designed for preparation of pizzas, breads and of meal delicious in minutes. Specifically, using this small oven, you can cook a pizza of 30 cm in 90 seconds only!

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Very impressinonnat, is not it?

Roccbox revolving mini-oven for indoor and outdoor use

minifour model oven posable rotating heat

The effectiveness of Roccbox results from the fact that it has gas and wood burners that have been specifically designed for use with this small appliance. It is also equipped with an oven stone and comes with a recipe book and a pizza shovel. Thanks to its small size, the Roccbox mini oven is easy to transport. So you can use it wherever you want, at home or at home outside !

The Roccbox minifour arrives with accessories

minifour rotating heat posable pizza device

Minifour with rotating heat

small oven posable rotating heat

Small oven ultra fast

mini oven built-in rotating heat

Mini oven to ask by Roccbox

mini ovens rotating heat posable

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