Unusual House: The Toy House by Pascali Semerdjian Architects

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This unusual house, named Toy House ("Dollhouse"), is located in the city of Sao Pauolo. It is a project of Pascali Semerdjian Architects. This company, founded in 2010 by Domingos Pascali and Sarkis Semerdjian, has accepted the challenge of achieving an unusual construction in the city with the largest population of Brazil and South America.

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Carrying several awards for architecture and design, the team is not lacking in creative spirit and has managed to complete the project of the realization and decoration of the house with great talent.

Image of the exterior of the unusual House Toy House in Sao Pauolo

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The original building occupies an area of ​​more than 240 square meters. It is a curious space built on request of a client who wished to attach to his main residence a area dedicated to games to entertain children and adults. The project of the house is designed by the team of Pascali Semerdjian Architects as a huge playground intended to accommodate the children of the family of the owners but their friends also during evenings and varied events.

Photo of unusual house by Pascali Semerdjian Architects: the first and second level of the building

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So, the interior space has three levels that give everyone the opportunity to choose between different types of entertainment. On the first level, there is a large flat screen TV and a video game area that can also become a movie lounge. This floor also has a small kitchen integrated that allows users of space to take a piece in case of a hollow in the middle of their game session!

The original house is decorated with works of art and drawings by modern artists

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Climbing to the second floor of the Toy House, we discover a space of modular size. This effect is achieved through flaps that can open and close by means of a remote control. The architects of Pascali Semerdjian wanted to create a multifaceted area that could host all kinds of fun activities.

Photo of Pink Rope Bridge Suspended Between Toy House and Homeowners' Main Residence

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Those who decide to climb to the third floor of this unusual building will discover a pink rope bridge suspended between the facade of the owners' house and the Toy House. Inspired by monkey bridges in the jungles, this decoration is just one of the works of modern artists such as Anish Kappor, Keith Hering and Os Gemeos adorning this original building. So, do you like this house with unusual architecture and unusual interior decoration? Make yourself an opinion by consulting the rest of his images, here:

Photo of original design house in Sao Paulo

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Unusual house decoration with works of art and artistic graffiti

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Image of the original decoration of the play areas inside the house

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Photo of the first level of the original Toy House

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Unusual House House Interior Design by Pascali Semerdjian Architects

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