Use bamboo in outdoor decoration

bamboo plant pot terrace wall garden

The bamboo is ideal if you have chosen to enhance your garden or terrace with a plant visual barrier. There are many aspects to consider for good results both in the immediate and long term.

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If you are looking for a low maintenance plant, fast growing and aesthetic impact remarkable, bamboo is what you need! Let's see what are the characteristics of this plant, and how to use it best for a harmonious landscaping.

harmonious bamboo landscaping

outdoor bamboo landscaping fence garden

The creation of a hedge plant can serve as a screen against any potential vis-à-vis, creating a private area out of the eyes of passersby, but often its role will be to hide unsightly elements of the landscape, as a wall with questionable finishes, an unburied rainwater collection tank, or an air conditioning box. In addition to concealing these elements in plain view, you will bring a most beautiful vegetable composition, which may even turn into an elegant focal point and blends in perfectly with the outdoor environment.

camouflage of a wall

bamboo fencing outdoor garden modern

One of the advantages of this type of hedge is that few plants are able to provide such elegant visual protection, and what is more, also requiring little horizontal space on the ground. Moreover, it is possible to plant the hedge not only in the ground, but also in containers of several dimensions; indeed, the great variety of species Bamboo allows its use in all types of gardens or terraces, from the largest to the smallest. Its appearance also varies according to the chosen species, allowing a large choice of colors, sizes and developments of the plant.

for a modular hedge

bamboo plant terrace separation piece

Depending on the variety, you can obtain a small low and discreet hedge, or strengthen yourself behind an impressive wall of vegetation by its height, and as soon as possible and for a truly fascinating aesthetic impact. Another big advantage of this miraculous plant is its evergreen foliage, which guarantees a touch of spring greenery throughout the year. And its compact and homogeneous growth is a guarantee of an aesthetic continuity, because it is a plant resistant both to the vagaries of the climate and to the diseases that sometimes can damage locally the appearance of a hedge.

plant wall

bamboo garden outdoor deco

The invasive aspect of bamboo may seem disconcerting when one thinks of incorporating it into the exterior decoration, but by choosing variety well, and by applying some elementary rules that derive from common sense when it is laid out, there is nothing to worry about. It is a species of grass which is spread by the development of its rhizomes, which run underground and from which new shoots emerge.

a species of giant grass

rhizomes adult plants

As far as the development of the aerial part of the plant is concerned, the good news is that it only takes an annual size, which can be done when the new growth has finished, before the appearance of the first leaves. . This size can be done both on the height of the plants, on the flanks, to conform to the encroachment that you have chosen.

a classic hedge maintenance

hedge live

For a hedge of small dimensions, it is advisable to opt for a variety that grows in tuft, cattail bamboo, it is not tracing and particularly well suited for use indoors, on a balcony or terrace; let's quote the bambusa multiplex. If you want a decorative effect that is not obscure, use medium-sized varieties, such as black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra) or golden bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea) which have a slow growth and offer a spectacular coloration of thatch and foliage .

black bamboo solid

black variety Phyllostachys nigra

For a culture in vase, tray or planter, dwarf bamboo is the choice of simplicity, find out about the drainage to put in place and the substrate that is best. To create an earth fence that is a real barrier, know that you can limit vertical growth by trimming the tops and leaving the lower shoots. Do not forget in this case to confine the roots by using a sufficiently thick anti-rhizome barrier, which will have to be buried about 3 meters, with a few centimeters of guard on the surface, which you can conceal by a bed of gravel that add a zen touch to your hedge. Or dig a 50 cm deep trench that you will maintain once a year by cutting off the rhizomes that emerge. See our photo gallery.

outdoor decoration with green plants

plant sculpture basin

green natural wall

bamboo density shoots

hide a brick wall

plant wall

wall camouflage with potted plant

bamboo pushing bac

zen garden decoration

bamboo decorative border

excavation of a small trench to control excessive proliferation

anti-invasive trench to be maintained annually

urban sculpture

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guaranteed aesthetic impact

bamboo texture partition

massive confined by a small trench and well controlled

locally confined bamboo

a meditative forest

bamboo pushing forest

a traditionally sacred plant

bamboo decorating garden temple

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bamboo decorative planter

the wood of serenity

bamboo lovant trail

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Asian spontaneous grove

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