Valentine's Day Gift: DIY Hanging Terrarium

gift original saint valentine terrarium greasy plant idea deco heart paper origami

Valentine's Day is coming and you are probably on the threshold of creative ideas of gifts for your loved one and decoration for your cocoon. What original Valentine's day gift to choose ?

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For lovers of modern design, a suspended glass terrarium is a fun and original choice. How to make your terrarium more romantic? By adding small hearts origami paper pastel colors and soft! Discover step by step the realization of this idea of self-made terrarium . You will be amazed at how easy it is ...

Original Valentine's Day gift for your beloved ones: Hanging glass terrarium to make yourself

gift original valentine's day brico deco gift making yourself heart plant oily suspension

You need very little material to realize this idea. A glass terrarium shaped like a ball greasy plant , paper origami with your favorite designs, cardboard (optional), colored sand, minerals and small decorative items, scissors, pencil or pen, glue (optional). However, you can choose origami paper that fits best to the likes of your beloved or beloved.

Origami paper for your original Valentine's Day gift

origami paper valentine heart gift idea deco original paper

Using the origami paper of your choice, take the scissors and cut a pretty medium-sized heart. For the choice of paper patterns, you can choose a pattern that you like and print it or choose an already printed that best fits your preferences and those of your sweetheart. To strengthen your paper core, you can put cardboard behind to make it stronger.

Origami paper hearts

original gift valentine heart paper diy idea brico deco original gift to manufacture

For the realization of this idea, the handyman used paper in pastel colors with floral pattern

gift valentine's day original idea deco heart paper original

Decorate the bottom of your terrarium with colored sand. In the example below, the terrarium has been decorated with sand colored peach and aqua. It is possible to buy colored sand already ready or to create it yourself with that idea coloring. Pastel colors are very trendy and ideal for Valentine's Day. The light and sweet colors are also a romantic solution.

Colorful sand in light colors

gift original saint valentine diy idea sand colorful make gift

Place the heart in the terrarium, then the plant, minerals and decorative objects you have chosen. If the idea of ​​pastel colors pleases you, pink quartz and marble are two perfect decorative supplements. Decorating with small objects in geometric form is modern and interesting. Check that the plant is well placed in the middle. Finally, she is the living heart of your Valentine's day gift . Feel free to try and place different objects to finally achieve satisfactory results.

The plant and decorative objects

deco valentine's day gift original to manufacture cheap greasy plant white ball

A gift made with your own hands will always be appreciated. It is perhaps the best solution not only for the holiday of the Valentine's Day but for any other occasion. Offering your loved ones a unique and personalized gift is worthless. To make this terrarium, you will be amazed by its small cost. Why not make one for you too?

Idea of ​​objects to decorate the interior of your terrarium

decoration valentine day gift offer man woman deco manufacture


original gift valentine man woman original idea diy make original gift

The plant

gift valentine diy gift idea for her decor valentine's day

The heart placed behind the plant

valentine gift diy idea heart paper greasy plant DIY idea for the original valentine's day

Terrarium decorated with blue sand

valentine gift idea to make yourself succulent original terrarium

Valentine's day gift ideal for men and women

gift design saint valentine modern idea cheap deco terrarium glass

Give a gift alive and made by yourself to your loved ones is priceless

gift suspension idea vase deco valentine day plant fat heart origami paper heart

decoration valentine's day gift original offer idea vase suspension diy

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