Valentine's day makeup ideas for a romantic look

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Valentine's Day is a great excuse to have fun with her look. It does not matter if it's a girls' outing or a romantic dinner with your sweetheart.

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The red and pink shades are the usual colors for this occasion but do not forget that your makeup does not have to be so strong. So, ready to discover makeup ideas Valentine's Day for a softer and more romantic look, girls?

Valentines day makeup ideas: be beautiful for the party

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Begin your preparation for Valentine's Day by applying a simple base in the form of foundation or the product you usually use. Make your eyes and lips the stars of your look by opting for the strict minimum makeup. Bring out the natural color of your skin and mask only possible imperfections. Our favorite products are BareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation and GloMinerals Luxe Liquid Foundation that accentuate the natural color of the skin and especially when applied with a brush.

Makeup in pink shades for Valentine's Day

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Smoky makeup is the perfect makeup for Valentine's Day because it just creates the dramatic look you need to not look too pale. But avoid putting too many shades strong or dark! Opt instead for golden, brown or nude shades that will make your eyes look brighter. Start by applying light eye shadows and intensify the shades afterwards. Play with colors to find the best look for your eyes. Fill in the smoky makeup with a thin line of eyeliner. Remember that you can lengthen the line for a doe look. A few layers of mascara and your eye makeup is ready!

Makeup idea for eyes and lips

romantic makeup ideas valentine's day

For Valentine's Day give up the bronzer and give way to romantic redness. Just apply a little touch of pink blush on your cheeks and make sure it holds all night! When it comes to lip makeup, red lips are a classic for this party. But sometimes the subtle nuances are also a very good choice. The combination of smoky eye makeup and pale shades like pink is always very successful. You can also put only lip gloss on the lips. What follows with this romantic makeup is a beautiful dress in pink, beige or burgundy, your pair of elegant pumps and a hairstyle with curls. Come on, it's time to try it all! Have fun, smile and you'll be the most beautiful of the evening!

Interesting makeup that seems almost natural

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Valentines day makeup "effect" nude

romantic valentine's day makeup ideas

Eye makeup idea in purple shades

Valentine's day makeup ideas

Makeup with different lipsticks

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Elegant makeup for the Valentine's Day party

Valentine's day makeup idea

Eye makeup with eyeliner and eye shadows

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Valentine's day makeup ideas

Valentine's eyes makeup ideas

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