Veranda Architecture: Types and Designs

view veranda vitree green garden

Over time, the veranda architecture has experienced enough change. Today, new materials, technologies and equipment make it possible to turn it in a privileged area of ​​the house.

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The veranda is an open space next to the house and sheltered from the vagaries of the weather. The new generation of aluminum profiles is a good choice for conservatory construction, for ease of use and maintenance, as well as the rich color palette they offer.

Veranda Architecture - An open veranda with living room furniture

open veranda living room furniture

In return, the wood comes back on the scene because of its aesthetics and warmth. The wood structure is a unique bio-ecological material, which has the capacity to be recycled. The wood has an excellent combination of strength and lightness, ease of processing, and has an optimal durability of 300 to 400 years. There are also variations for steel in a conservatory architecture, a material appreciated by lovers of simple solutions. With thin profiles that can have large triple glazed windows sometimes, where it is good to live both summer and winter.

A veranda glass house extension

veranda extension house glazed

There are several types in the conservatory architecture, the type winter garden, the type glazed studio and the simple open type. The first allows you to grow plants in winter as in summer. It is a continuation of the garden in the house. Large windows and skylights make it possible to feel nature all year long. Furnish with garden furniture as a set of garden chairs and table, a swing classic, decorative pillows, fabrics with floral motifs that complement the living flowers.

An open veranda with wooden garden furniture

open veranda garden furniture wood

A conservatory type winter garden is a haven of peace and a place of relaxation. The second type is the favorite of young people. It stems from glazed studios of artists associated with modern classics. The space can be used not only for work but also for relaxation. The furniture is furniture for the living room - sofa, armchairs, coffee table, lamps. The style depends on the preferences of the owner. For the last type that is the veranda open, we have already spoken to you about this type in previous articles.

The interior of the glazed veranda with rattan furniture

interior veranda window furniture rattan

A modern veranda with designer furniture

modern veranda designer furniture

Zoom from a clear glass conservatory

zoom veranda clear vitree

An open conservatory minimalist design with a small pool

view veranda open modern minimalist small pool

A metal and glass veranda with a round table

view veranda metal glass round table

A small glass conservatory

view small veranda glass

A modern glass design conservatory

veranda modern design glass

chic veranda large windows

minimalist veranda wood floor

minimalist veranda wood floor modern design

long veranda floor wood view hammock

white color small veranda

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