Veranda decor: 46 beautiful ideas with plants and flowers

deco veranda plants ideas

The porch decor is not difficult - just have just plants and flowers. The greenery and the beautiful colors of the flowers will transform your veranda into a green oasis where you can rest after work or spend pleasant moments with your loved ones in the open air.

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In this article, we will share with you five different ways to decorate your porch and 46 beautiful examples in photos.

Decorative romantic veranda with plants

deco veranda flowers plants

The first way to decorate your porch is by grouping flower pots to create a unique decor. Potted gardening is really something very easy, but a single pot of flowers or plants is not enough. So group your pots trying to vary the plants, flowers and containers to give color to your porch decor . Plant easy-to-maintain annuals such as petunias or bacopas. These are plants that bloom throughout the summer and will give color and greenery to your porch. Other plants with which you can make a beautiful decoration are the lantana which does not need a lot of water or the hibiscus which is a tropical plant with many flowers. Group them together to create a green focal point on your lanai.

Original veranda decorating idea with flowers

deco veranda interesting idea

To make a beautiful porch decoration, you must also create a color scheme. Choose plants and flowers with colors that complement those of your home, garden or outdoor furniture. For example, you can choose red, yellow or orange plants. If you want a warm palette of colors, opt for flowers such as red verbena, orange marigolds and yellow sunflowers. And in case you prefer the softer colors, plant flowers such as blue sage, white bacopa and gray licorice.

Shabby chic lanai decoration with flowers

deco veranda flowers shabby chic

If you want to spend more time resting on your porch, you must choose plants that do not require a lot of care. Succulents do not require a lot of water, do not have a lot of pests and diseases and stay beautiful all year long. They are also perfect for a warmer climate and offer texture and color for the porch decoration. You can choose sedum or sempervirens. With plants that are so easy to maintain, you'll be able to spend more time relaxing on your porch than gardening.

Small porch decoration with flowers and plants

deco veranda flowers decoration

You can use the plants to create a more private corner on your porch. Small trees, for example, are perfect for blocking the view of neighbors. Opt for evergreens such as arborvitae, cypresses or juniper trees. The flowers or shrubs are also a great idea. So you are going to have a nice veranda that allows you to stay calm.

Green corner decoration idea on the veranda

deco veranda corner plants

To create a truly heavenly decor, try to attract butterflies to your porch. Make pots of plants with the favorite plants of butterflies - butterfly bush, zinnia and verbena. It's a sure way to have an outdoors full of life and colors. Here is now, as promised at the beginning of this article, ideas in pictures. Admire them and choose the ones you like the most:

Beautiful veranda with plant garden

deco veranda garden flowers

Veranda decorated with outdoor furniture and plants

deco veranda original idea

Idea of ​​outdoor deco and veranda

deco outdoor veranda wood

Original veranda decoration

decoration veranda wood flowers

Modern porch decoration

decoration veranda wood idea

Green veranda with designer furniture

decoration veranda wood plants

decoration veranda wood pots

decoration veranda outdoor kitchen

modern design veranda decoration

decoration veranda flowers plants

decoration veranda idee flowers

decoration veranda idee plants

decoration veranda furniture wrought iron

decoration veranda vegetal wall

decoration veranda climbing plants

decoration veranda pot plants

decoration veranda succulent plants

green plant veranda decoration

decoration veranda flower pots

deco veranda wood plants

contemporary design veranda deco

deco veranda red flowers

deco veranda purple flowers

deco veranda ideas flowers

deco veranda idea plants

deco veranda idea green plants

deco veranda garden idea

deco veranda wood furniture

deco modern veranda plants

deco modern veranda plants 1

deco porch veranda wood

deco veranda climbing plants

deco veranda succulent plants

deco veranda flower pots

deco veranda pots hanging flowers

plant decoration veranda

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