Villa design by Camillo Botticini: the relationship between Man and Nature

villa design contemporary architecture design modern house wood alps villa

The Italian architecture studio Camillo Botticini realizes the Alps Villa project: a design villa with extraordinary views of the Alps. The house is on a clearing, 700 meters above sea level, near the "Passo del Cavallo" in Lumezzane, Brescia, Italy.

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It is located next to the road connecting the Trompia and Sabbia valleys. The landscape is characterized by a valley open to the South and a green mountain setting. This project puts the relationship between man and nature to the test. Close to urban noise and at the same time far away, where you can smell the aroma of herbs and the soft air. Time is stopped by the silence of the surrounding nature. This context shows that human intervention in nature can be done smoothly.

Villa design by Camillo Botticini with views of the Alps, photographer: Nicolo Galeazzi

modern design villa terrace contemporary architecture

In the North, a courtyard open on the mount allows to admire the rocks located at 1200 m. above sea level. It extends the green inclined plane so that it almost closes the fourth side of the house.

The open courtyard and the view of the rocky spiers

villa design modern contemporary architecture terrace tree

Light, integrated into the site, open and closed, The villa is connected to his environment while remaining intimate. This is what characterizes the structure of this modern housing. Its architectural form is imposing, but at the same time harmonious and balanced. It is rooted through the use of natural materials , such as oxidized copper and wood.

Imposing and balanced architectural form

contemporary villa modern design architecture alps

Natural materials for architecture in harmony: copper oxidized and wood

villa design modern contemporary architecture design stair alpes camillo botticini

The living room is very bright thanks to the large windows and sliding glass doors. Designed in light colors, it is also very spacious, open to the dining room. The large white sofa is accompanied by wooden furniture.

The living room is minimalist style furnished with white sofa and wooden furniture

contemporary villa design modern white sofa TV camillo botticini

Natural light and artificial light get married in a beautiful dance for a natural atmosphere

modern villa contemporary interior design villa alps living room deco white sofa

The dining room is furnished with a large wooden table, a bookcase and black chairs matching the frames of large Windows overlooking the mountains. The ceiling is decorated with a suspended luminaire of captivating design.

The dining room with exceptional views

modern villa design lighting fixture contemporary suspension design dining room wood table

The staircase that leads to the second floor where the working area is located with an ergonomic chair

minimalist interior dining room lighting pendant bookcase shelves

The bedroom wall is decorated with three works of contemporary art

modern interior design villa deco bedroom wall

Who does not want to take his coffee comfortably on his couch contemplating the majestic mountains and inspired by the harmonious grandeur of Nature? Television is useless.

The living room is bright, spacious and very warm

modern interior design living room sofa armchairs

The road that connects the Trompia and Sabbia valleys

modern interior terrace view city alps modern interior exterior design

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