Vintage atmosphere decoration with lace

Decoration ambiance armchair cover vintage lace

You like the chic, romantic and sober atmosphere retro ? This article is for you. Today we are going to talk about lace. Elegant and chic, it brings a feminine touch to each space.

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For a vintage but romantic atmosphere you can put lace curtains.

Ambiance decoration: a bed cover in lace

Decoration atmosphere view cover bed lace

Why do not you put them in the bathroom? The curtains in lace can turn this wetland into a zen and chic place. If you want to invite sensitivity in your bedroom you can use a lace blanket for your bed.

Vintage decoration with lace curtains

Decoration vintage mood lace bathroom

You can put small lace accents on your table or on your furniture. For a mysterious atmosphere you can make yourself a hanging lamp using lace. All you need to do to create it is to glue lace on a basic round structure.

A DIY glass jar made of lace

zoom jar glass DIY lace

Another idea is to put it on an old armchair. You can use it virtually anywhere you want. To create an atmosphere shabby chic in your kitchen, you can put lace on the shelves. Then you can arrange them with old porcelain services.

Put some lace on the shelves


If you like DIY decor, you can make small candle holders using lace on glass jars. To give your living room an elegant note you can sew lace around a cushion or create a lacy shade for your bedside lamp.

Use lace on glass jars

zoom jar glass lace decoration

Another DIY idea is to create a storage object for your jewelry. You can use an old frame. To hang your jewelry just insert a fabric with lace in the frame. To inspire yourself, and create your vintage ambiance with lace, you just have to follow our selected photos.

Lace cushions

zoom cushions lace

Lace storage boxes

zoom boxes storage lace

An original lace decoration

original deco view lace wood

A bed cover in lace

vintage style lace bed cover

A view of the lace for my nursery

lace camber kids

nice lace decoration

lace wall decoration

Decoration ambiance lace coffee table

romantic mood lace roof

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