Vintage Danish design in modern interior decor

vintage danish design idea

Classic, simple, elegant and beautiful, the Danish design vintage is as trendy today as it was 60 years ago. Danish and Scandinavian furniture dominates the world of contemporary design and, according to specialists, the demand continues to grow.

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In addition to being beautiful, the Danish vintage design is also very durable and the furniture production process is unique.

Vintage Danish design in interior decor

Danish design vintage ideas

Surely you will be surprised to learn that the beauty of Scandinavian design, including Danish design, was not recognized until the 1950s. And even if some of us will immediately think of Ikea, hearing design Scandinavian, this style is much more than just this chain of stores. Scandinavian design includes countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland and is characterized by simplicity, functionality and minimalism. But what to recognize Danish design vintage ?

Elegant decorating vintage living room idea

Danish design vintage living room wood

The Danish design is characterized by its neutral colors such as light blue, gray, white and cream shades that are inevitably present in the Scandinavian interior. These colors have become almost like the brand image of Nordic design and they are unique for Scandinavian minimalism. So opt for rooms decorated in one of these colors if you want to create a Danish style interior.

Decoration with vintage Danish armchair

vintage danish chair design

In the Danish decor, the carpet is not often used. The floors are simple and made of wood, most of the time decorated in white. And it's easy to understand why - with a white floor the room looks more spacious and airy and attention is focused on furniture and architectural elements. And even if the floor is not white, it still remains in a light wood shade or it is decorated with gray stone.

Simple living room deco with leather sofa

Danish design vintage deco living room

In Scandinavian design, light is really essential. This is the reason, once again, for the choice of light colors and large windows all over the interior. Luminaires, therefore, are also an integral part of the decoration. There are always several sources of light such as street lamps, pendant lamps or bedside lamps. Candles are also widely used as decorative elements.

Living room decoration idea with retro furniture

Danish design vintage decoration living room

The iconic Scandinavian style look is white walls, antique clocks, crystal chandeliers, simple design wood furniture, white linen and simple floral arrangements. Knowing this, it becomes very easy to understand why this style is so copied and imitated. The Scandinavian interior is simple but elegant, as are the furniture, which is also very functional and practical.

Danish wooden vintage design desk

Danish design vintage wood desk

Functionality reigns, in fact, in Scandinavian minimalist deco. The interiors are open, ventilated and arranged to facilitate everyday life. But that does not mean that art and romance have no place in this style. Culture and art play an important role in the Scandinavian way of life and this is also reflected in the interior design. Here are some interesting ideas, in pictures, to discover how to decorate your home in the vintage Danish style:

Scandinavian style dining room decoration

vintage danish design idee deco

Vintage living room decoration in black and blue

vintage Danish blue sofa design

Vintage wooden design chair

Scandinavian wood design chair

danish modern vintage design

deco Scandinavian Danish cuisine

original interior deco Danish

interior deco Scandinavian idea

interior deco style scaninave

Danish Scandinavian interior deco

deco scandinavian furniture idea

deco modern vintage furniture

deco scandinavian dining room

deco dining room nordic style

Scandinavian living room furniture deco green

elegant vintage Danish design

vintage danish wood armchair design

Danish design vintage idea armchair

Danish interior vintage design

Danish design vintage wood furniture

Danish design vintage living room idea

Danish design vintage dining room

Danish design vintage dining room furniture

Danish vintage living room design

vintage Danish design coffee tables

modern living room design retro furniture

Danish leather wood armchair

retro style design armchair

interior deco idea furniture danish

vintage interior deco idea

idea deco living room scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian wood furniture idea

retro style wood cabinet

scandinavian wood desk furniture

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