Vintage glass bottle as a trend accessory

glass bottle holder candles

The aesthetics of an old glass bottle is undeniable, whether square, rectangular, round or elliptical, which is its charm are small defects in the transparency of the glass, or small irregularities during molding and interesting colors in which this type of bottle is available.

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glass bottle declined in blue

different blue bottles

It is relatively easy to find a beautiful glass bottle vintage , which is actually old, flea markets are full of flasks, flasks and other containers sometimes from old pharmacies, drugstores or household use. In time, the life of a bottle was better optimized, it was a multi-purpose container quite valuable in everyday life.

vintage design of pharmacy bottles

pharmacy small bottles

Otherwise, the stores have sniffed the vein, and they offer a myriad of variations of our glass bottle, for use almost exclusively decorative, exposed above a shelf for example to collect dust. We propose today to use these bottles in everyday life, it is an environmentally conscious act to reuse glass without the energy-consuming process of recycling.

example of decorative flasks

flower basket iron composition

A glass bottle can be used for example as pot, or vase with flowers . She will create a composition which mixes materials of vegetable origin with the transparent beauty of the glass. You can hang a few on a partition for a vertical garden effect, tying them by the neck with a small wire for example.

minimalist flower vase

glass bottle vase daffodils

If you have a few bottles, you can create a centerpiece with, and use them as candle holders. The different dimensions and colorations make it possible to create a very attractive focal point. You can fill jars with wider necks with water and place a floating candle on them.

bohemian style candlestick

glass bottle candle holder center table

You can also use a glass bottle as a container, original, no? If you buy your shampoos and detergents various in larger quantities, they will cost you less and you can transfer them into your vintage bottles. Bottles that can be closed can contain homemade drinks. See our photos.

back to first use

bottles jugs spirits

ceramic vials

small bottles porcelain design

Christmas composition

pharmacy bottles candle holders

an elegant rustic decor

old vials label

glass jar serving vase

glass bottle vase flower

original colored glass bottle

glass bottle assortment flowers

classic cocktail bottles

glass bottle used vases

small vials cork stoppers

vintage perfume bottle

vintage perfume spray

glass bottles containing raspberry lemonade

Chanel 5 perfume bottle

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glass candle flasks

used bottle protection wind

birthday party glass bottles

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