Vintage kitchen: a timeless and functional design

vintage kitchen design Loft Kitchen Marchi

If there is one trend that emerges in recent years, it is to borrow from the past elements and decorative styles. The vintage kitchen is no exception to this rule, as the Marchi Group's designers have clearly understood, by designing their Loft Kitchen which incorporates the vintage features of the 50s style by adding modern ergonomic benefits or a functionality well thought.

vintage and functional kitchen like this fridge

vintage kitchen frigidaire style

This wonderful vintage kitchen is hand crafted, with lots of handmade accessories, surprising metal surfaces like a unique suction hood that is in itself a stunning achievement, intended to become a very interesting focal point of the room . The furniture is available in tones that, if they are vintage, have a resolutely modern and contemporary appearance. And the end result is revealed in a fantastic kitchen where each element finds its place as if by magic.

a vintage and craft kitchen

fitted kitchen hood suction

The unique design of the Loft collection allows you to fully personalize each element, giving you the opportunity to design the kitchen of your dreams. Doors that are made of genuine walnut, as well as drawers or worktop, are available in a variety of finishes on demand. In our selection of photos, we present you this vintage kitchen in the tone green pastel jade We like it a lot, but if you prefer more vivid shades, you are spoiled for choice.

the tone green pastel jade

vintage kitchen designer furniture

Just as if you want a marble or cement worktop, you'll get the same surprising result of elegance and thoughtful design down to the smallest detail. Suspended storage furniture, the buffet or the kitchen island have many spaces in which you can order things as you wish. See our photos.

above cement worktop

kitchen design details

a thoughtful design

industrial vintage kitchen style

Overview of the Loft Kitchen by Marchi Group

vintage kitchen Loft island

the hood is made by hand

vintage kitchen hood suction

stainless steel worktop

design kitchen neat finishes

detail of furnaces

home made kitchen design

equipped kitchen industrial style

fitted kitchen integrated stoves

equipped kitchen buffet wheels

stylish functional design kitchen

elegant vintage design kitchen

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