Wall gabion: ó integrate it in your own garden

metal cage filled with multicolored pebbles

Some of you may have heard about it, but what does a gabion wall really mean? Word " gabion "Comes from Italian gabionne which means "big cage" and that's partly what defines this particular wall.

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First used in civil engineering, the gabion wall can now be installed at home. Its maintenance is easy and the materials needed for its construction are simple: an iron cage that can be bought for a price ranging between 30 and 130 € according to the desired dimensions and stones to fill it.

Gabion wall with contrasting wooden bench

contrasting wooden design bench with stone

As for stones, the choice belongs to you alone and is purely aesthetic. For example, you can create a pattern by choosing stones of various colors and textures. The gabion wall is being used to replace a fenced traditional or as street furniture as a bench or even stairs. It can also be built as a retaining wall or simply to decorate a facade.

Gabion wall with irregular stones contained in an iron cage

stone wall contained in an iron cage

As you can see in some of the images that follow, the gabion wall can easily be complemented by plants provided you fill it with not only stones but also earth. It is as versatile as it is inexpensive and adds an undeniable character to an exterior design. Discover more examples below ...

landscaped garden with walls built of various stones

beautiful house with an industrial style gabion wall

A wall encrusted with an ethanol fireplace

beautiful outdoor fireplace embedded in a gabion wall

M ur in gabion adorned with various plants

beautiful green wall that alternates plants with stones

gabion walls filled with slag create a modern look

landscaped garden with gabion walls filled with glass

stone, iron and wood are three materials that marry wonderfully

contrast wood staircase with stone wall

A wall that completes the stone walls

inner courtyard with a rustic wall

cages may contain the equivalent of a staircase

gabion stairs are like a fortress

beautiful gabion wall for an industrial look

elegant design with a polished stone staircase

improvised wall to delimit your garden

gabion wall decorated with vegetation

gabion wall with a top surface

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