Wall paper - perfect for interior decoration

modern wall wallpaper graham and brown

The wall wallpaper is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to give a touch of color and design to your walls. With a wide variety of shades, textures and patterns, this type of wallcovering will add dimension and personality to your interior.

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In this article you will find 20 interesting ideas with wallpaper wall to decorate your home.

Wall wallpaper in blue by Graham and Brown

wall blue wallpaper graham and brown

If you still have prejudices about the wall wallpaper , you should know that the mural wallpaper is no longer just floral motifs of yesteryear. Today there are several modern options. The wallpaper can be embossed and this type of paper is often the perfect choice for walls with imperfections that it masks very well. Another option is the fabric paper which is harder to clean but creates a very warm atmosphere. The leaf wallpaper has a metallic appearance and is superb on clean and undamaged walls. Look at these pictures with interesting decorating ideas and design that we found at Graham and Brown :

Modern design wallpaper

wall mural interesting graham and brown

Black and white patterned wallpaper

wall paper deco graham and brown

Floral wallpaper

graham and brown pattern wallpaper

Relief wallpaper

3D graham and brown wallpaper

Wallpaper in beige shades

beige graham and brown wallpaper

Two-tone elegant wallpaper

two-tone graham and brown wallpaper

Wallpaper with skulls

cranes graham and brown wallpaper

Contemporary design wallpaper

deco interior wallpaper graham

Luxurious wallpaper

graham and brown design wallpaper

Original wallpaper in gray

gray design wallpaper graham and brown

elegant graham and brown wallpaper

graham and brown lignary wallpaper

modern wallpaper graham and brown

floral pattern wallpaper graham and brown

wallpaper interesting patterns graham

black graham and brown wallpaper

original graham wallpaper

graham and brown relief wallpaper

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